It’s the groom’s day too!

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It’s the groom’s day too!

The Sunday Mail

Sharon Ngomani
Sometimes a groom can feel like a sideshow at his own wedding. When talk of weddings arises, it seems all conversation centres on the brides needs and how to make the day special for her. Grooms need to start paying more attention to their big day. Months before the wedding, there is need for the groom to invest in looks and general presentation. He should start hydrating well to cleanse skin from within. Water is a good detoxifying agent.

If one’s skin is problematic with lots of blemishes and acne, consider visiting a dermatologist, beautician or pharmacist. This should be done several months before the wedding to avoid bad reactions to products when there is no time for recovery. It is not advisable to embark on new beauty regimes just before the wedding.

You need time for trial and error. The groom should also consider shaping up and being fit. The major goal is to look your best on your special day. Hit the gym or get a personal trainer to shed off those extra kilos and lose that belly fat.

Eating right contributes to good skin and weight loss. If you are a smoker or lover of coffee, or generally have teeth discolouration, there is need to pay the dentist a visit at least two months before the wedding for professional teeth cleaning.

Afterwards, a dentist-approved whitening tooth paste can be used. If your teeth are not so bad, you just need to get a dentist-approved toothpaste to get that million dollar smile. A great smile is a big confidence lift.

All unwanted hair should go.

Tracy Fungai, a beautician at Tracy’s Hair Parlour, advises: “Sometimes there is need to pluck out nose hair and stray brow hair. For relaxation on your special day, get a massage to loosen up. It will show on your face. Also get your nails cleaned and cut professionally so that you look well. Please note that it is not humiliating for a groom to visit a beautician for an upgrade on his look.”

All hair jobs should be done a week or so before the wedding to avoid itchy skin or negative reactions. Invest in a good razor or shaving machine. If you keep facial hair, trim it nicely for your special day.

As a groom, you need to wash up giving attention to your looks. Invest in a good cleanser to rejuvenate your skin and moisturiser to give your skin a finished look. You are also encouraged to use sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun.

However, you can also use a moisturiser with SPF 15 and above which does the same job. If your feet are smelly, get some foot powder or use home remedies such as soaking your feet in a tub of soda with warm water. Start this remedy at least three months before the wedding. A handsome man should invest in a good scent.

Get that special perfume for your day. Do not make it too strong or heavy to make people around you dizzy. Just smell good on your day. A wedding day is also a special day for the groom — strive to look and feel the best.

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