It’s never too late

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The Sunday Mail

Brian Ngosi  
There is never a universally agreed best time to do anything.

Each individual is on their own clock whose moments are influenced and defined by unique moments. Don’t fall prey to comparing your life journey with the next person. Your life events are unique and the best time is when you think about it or you are availed an opportunity. Don’t worry about the stage, just keep focused and make the best of each day. It’s never too late to do what you want done.

It’s never too late to make a fresh start. A friend or relative may have done it ages ago, still you can do it now. Life is a journey in which every individual is on their own. The opportunities and chances available to an individual remain unique such that you can’t compare life events. Getting married, getting a job, building a house, you name it, cannot all happen to everyone at the same time.

Talking about marriages, there is never a late time to get married.  Mistakes are made when people look at one’s age and they end up rushing into  marriage.  Don’t limit your life by chasing a time line that has no basis. When you listen to the stories of Professors who started off at night school for adult education, then you will realise that you can start your education at any stage in your life and from any level. All  you require is focus and dedication. The narrative does not favour men or women, it only takes wisdom for one to face their circumstances and soldier on. Change that takes life to great levels if managed properly. In anything, it’s never too late for you to change. Fear of the unknown and enjoying your comfort zone blindfolds you to forego the need to change.

The change process is never prescribed as easy and smooth sailing. The possibility or reality of challenges should not deter you from starting. If you are not ready to change then you are not ready to live your life to its full potential.

In life, there are things that are dictated upon individuals and one may pursue a life path they do not enjoy. Have the wisdom to appreciate that it’s never too late to pursue a different path in life. As l was growing up, my mother was determined to stop me from playing soccer, l would get into trouble for playing the beautiful game.

Today, I don’t hold anything against my mother as I chose to pursue an academic path although soccer is a source of living for many people.

If you took a career path after bowing from external pressures, have the boldness to discover yourself and start on a new leaf. However, the best favour that you can do for yourself is doing something that you enjoy, you will be assured of excellence.

Most individuals cry over missed opportunities. It’s never too late to catch up on missed opportunities. When you miss a flight, endeavour to catch the next flight. If you concentrate on the missed flight, you may invest in unnecessary negative energies.

You are better placed to remove all obstacles to ensure that you catch the next flight. If you waste time looking in the rear view mirror, you risk frustrating yourself. Age, space, circumstances and time are never boundaries or stumbling blocks to a willing heart.


Brian Ngosi  is a motivational writer who seeks to inspire individuals to make a difference for the good of society. Ngosi can be reached  at [email protected], fb page #BN_inspired 2018 or interact with him on WhatsApp at 0772440383 to receive daily inspirational messages.


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