It’s a tall loss

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It’s a tall loss

The Sunday Mail

BLESSING MUZARABANI’S mobile phone rang so much last week and each call reminded the 21-year old how his life has changed.

News that the fast bowler had said he was quitting international cricket to pursue County Cricket had just broke and people were calling from all over the world.

And each call, even the ones he didn’t pick up, took Muzarabani’s mind back to the days when life was so tough and owning a mobile phone was a dream.

They say the strongest soldiers get the hardest battles and Muzarabani can relate.

“I have had a tough life,” said the bowler.

“I remember before my national team break through, when I was a net-bowler for Zimbabwe, I had no cellphone and a friend, Kuda ‘Gafa’ Chirume, who coordinated net bowlers had challenges in relaying program messages to me, so he had to look for my Takashinga (Cricket Club) friends who would then inform me.

“But everything happens for a reason. Being that poor made me develop a steely attitude, I vowed to work my way out of poverty and one of the first things I did when I got some money was to but a cell phone. Each time it rings it’s a reminder of how far I have come.”

Muzarabani quit international cricket for a three-year County deal with Northamptonshire and his departure is a big — if not tall loss — for Zimbabwe Cricket!

The fast bowler, who stands at nearly two meters, was one of the Chevrons most promising players with one Test, 18 ODIs and six T20Is under his belt.

Each time he took to the park Muzarabani attracted interest , first because of his height and then his bowling, with Australia coach Justin Langer one of the people to have publicly declared that the pace bowler has a bright future.

Well that future has taken the County route for now or forever?

“I will decide after three years, I can’t say anything now…we will see after three years,” Muzarabani told this publication from the UK where he is currently playing club cricket for Denton West. His life with Northamptonshire begins in October and the lad reckons he made the right call.

“I am very excited, I think I made a good decision,” he said.

“However, I must admit it was a difficult decision, because international cricket is the highest level one can go and getting the privilege to play at such a level when you are just 21 is huge.

“Naturally one would feel it’s too early for me to play County, but on the other end I will get a new experience and will have almost everything I need to improve my game…I will play a lot of cricket. I am ready to embrace this challenge and like I said after three years we will assess everything again.”

While admitting that he will miss international cricket Muzarabani was quick to add that sometimes life requires one to make tough decisions.

“I will miss a lot of stuff, having fun with my brothers in the national team,” said Muzarabani.

“But sometimes a man has got to do what a man has got to do. This is one tough decision I had to make. It’s a challenge but I like challenges they always come and leave you a better person.

“I am grateful to my mother, Loveness, my granny, all people at Takashinga, Rising Stars coach Stuart Matsikenyeri, Heath Streak and many people who believed in me in my journey.

All the things they taught me will come in handy during this latest chapter of my life.”

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