It gets darker for Matsito

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It gets darker for Matsito

The Sunday Mail

Veronica Gwaze

THE late Tedious Matsito’s son, Tedious Muchapedza Jnr, remains a troubled soul a year after his father’s death.

His wish to further pursue education is fast vanishing with each passing day.

While kids of his age are faced with trivial pickles like which PlayStation, sneakers or jeans to purchase, he has more pressing issues to ponder.

At 18, Muchapedza now literally takes care of a family of five left in his care by his late father, Tedious, following his demise on March 28 last year.

The young lad has since “temporarily” shelved his wish of furthering his studies.

Last year, he intended to enrol at Harare Polytechnic College for a course in sound engineering soon after getting his Ordinary Level results.

This was after he managed to pass six subjects — Mathematics, English, Combined Science, History, Geography and Shona — with four C’s, an A and a B.

Sungura king Alick “Baba Sharo” Macheso has since vowed to meet the young lad’s academic needs up to any level, but Muchapedza Jnr finds himself in a fix.

If he takes Baba Sharo’s offer, it means he will become financially incapacitated and, in turn, fail to fend for the family.

How so?

The little revenue he gets from gigs he either holds as Macheso’s supporting act or solo act would dry up.

Apart from putting food on the table for the family, he also needs to pay tuition fees for two of his siblings.

His elder sister, Tanaka, completed Advanced Level in 2017 and is set to commence her degree in accounting at a local university in August.

Also, his Grade Five brother Tanyaradzwa still needs to be supported.

Muchapedza Jnr bared his soul in an interview with The Sunday Mail Society after our crew paid him a visit at his Kuwadzana home.

Ironically, he sat on the same seat his father sat on during our last interview with him.

“Things have been tough for the family. First, we financially struggled with our father’s medical bills and the financial fix still continues even after his demise. His poor health forced me to take over the band, Ngwenya Brothers, in the process abandoning school and my dream in engineering,” revealed Muchapedza Jnr.

“I was hoping the takeover was temporary. I thought he would recover, get back on stage, which would result in me going back to school, but the Almighty had other plans. I have to carry on with music so that the family is taken care of.”

Tedious died aged 48.

The late singer’s predicament started when he sustained injuries in a road accident in 2008 coming from a gig in Mozambique.

The accident claimed some of his band members and cost him a limb after he developed gangrene in 2012.

In 2016, he suffered a mild stroke that affected his facial nerves.

The stroke intensified the following year, putting him in hospital indefinitely.

“I also yearn to be like any other normal kid of my age, enjoying parents’ love and care. Unfortunately, I was robbed of my childhood. I am now a breadwinner and have to live up to the expectations of the family at whatever cost. I wish to see my siblings’ complete school,” he adds.

Baba Sharo periodically steps in to assist the family financially.

He also helps in nurturing the budding musician by giving him free studio time at his Chitungwiza-based Alema Studios.

Muchapedza’s stepmother works in Kwekwe, but her income is not enough to sustain the family.

When Tedious died, he left behind a will in which he bequeathed to the family two houses — one in Warren Park and another in Kuwadzana 5 — a residential stand and grinding mill in Rusape, including a PA                                              system.

Meanwhile, the young lad said plans to release his debut effort were still on track.

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