It all stems from rich thinking

24 Jun, 2018 - 00:06 0 Views

The Sunday Mail

Tinashe Chitsungo
Makumbe High School RCZ, Buhera

In this world where the love of money supercedes all
The thirst for actualisation gives African pride a fall

Yet it’s not how much you have that makes you rich

It is your mind that grabs wealth to your reach

The most valuable wealth of a person is the mind

Thus it is the most useful resource to humankind

Regardless of location, race, and gender everyone is born wealthy

Provided he has a mind, one that makes him healthy

Everyone exorbitant power to utilise

Everyone has his mind to use as a profit bearing resource

Material wealth is void without rich mindsets – wealth in disguise

Yet rich mindsets bring forth transmissions, happiness and rejoice

The wealth of nation, inventions, ideologies are out of compromise

They all emanated from rich thinking Nut shelling all discoveries and wealth is one resource of essence

It’s the result of the known poor people making rich decisions. Reassuring why human wealth lies not in one’s belongings

Human wealth is always the outcome of the intellectually wise

Wealth of all nations is the conversion of ideas into resources

While sometimes it is by grabbing ideas from given set of resources

Mutually it’s within the brains that ambitious men devise

It is the force of mentality that realigns men’s competence

Human wisdom is non-volatile, cannot be lost in a rinse

But material wealth can be lost in a blink

Problems are never solved by milk and honey

Yet it’s the mindset that retains all the glory

When disputes arise wealth can seldom solve

But it’s a mind that knows it’s sorry.

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