Is this a favour or a curse?

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Is this a favour or a curse?

The Sunday Mail

0307-2-1-CONDOM-CONTRACEPTIONTobaiwa Mudede & Richard Hondo
The rise in the use of contraceptives is not difficult to explain, especially as there are no other methods of birth control being promoted. But let us be broader than this.

It took the Israelites some 40 years to reach the promised land of milk and honey from the land of their bondage, Egypt, a journey which today takes only a few hours.

This is how slow salvation travels.

The chief retardation responsible for the slow pace of the Israelites was God Himself, who wanted to ensure that the die-hards among his chosen people died off before reaching the promised-land, as punishment for their lack of faith in Him.

For those not familiar with Jewish history, the Israelites (commonly referred to as Jews), were a stubborn nomadic, tent-dwelling people, who, despite being picked by God as His chosen people, took every opportunity to ridicule their God whenever disaster struck as Moses lead them away from Egyptian bondage.

The whole thing shows how difficult it is to save people from danger, no matter how well-meant you may be.

But believe us, like it was with the Israelites in the Sinai Desert, this generation of women will give way to an enlightened one down the road, when the benefits of natural ways of child-spacing become obvious.

In the context of Zimbabwe’s continued use of hormone-based contraceptives, which even the World Health Organisation has condemned as carcinogenic (cancer-causing), the distributors of these drugs have made sure that all non-drug based methods are muffled through denial of publicity.

The national organs entrusted with child-spacing have never put natural methods on the same table as western drugs to allow users a free choice.

Consequently, not all users know the existence of safer methods which will preserve women’s reproductive health as outlined in our book “Genetically Modified Organisms and Population Control Drugs in Developing Countries”.

They claim that natural methods (which include condoms by the way) “do not work”, which is all hot air, as they have never carried out research to establish this claim.

Their approach to the question of contraceptive-induced diseases and ill-health clearly show the hand of vested interests.

For example, they claim that one contraceptive may be right for one woman but may not work well for another.

Hence their way of responding to complaints from users is changing one drug for another, when they know very well that the damage-causing agent is the same in all hormone-based contraceptives, that is progestin, one of whose danger is the development of glaucoma in users after they reach menopause and no longer use birth control drugs.

Our advice to the younger generation of women is that a true friend is a person who remains behind to help you pick up the dishes when the party is over.

Promoters of Western contraceptives, once you reach menopause and begin to feel the burden of ill-health, will not be there for you.

They pretend to be with you now because you are giving them business. Once you cease being a customer, they don’t want to know. They have no policy of monitoring the post-menopause effects of their drugs and you will be on your own to endure the agony of deteriorating health.

By the way, the fertile period for the average woman spans only four days.

The sad thing is that your health is being ruined to cover this small loophole! Yet condoms and natural methods of preventing unplanned pregnancies are freely available.

Details of the sinister motive behind the Western-driven programme of population control in developing countries as outlined in our book can be obtained in full at the website and read for yourself.

The distributors of birth control drugs are not doing us a favour by providing free shipments of these drugs to developing countries.

If you look at the statistics of the World’s population of nearly eight billion people, black people constitute only one-eighth, that is only one billion.

Where is the need to scale down the population of blacks, if we may ask? The black population is already insignificant in world terms.

If the current drug-driven carnage on blacks continues, it is no speculation that blacks will become an endangered species before the end of the next millennium.

This is the bigger picture which must worry everybody.

In conclusion, we would like to state that the apparent increase in the uptake of Western-driven contraceptives is a result of biased and skewed publicity, well-funded by vested interests.

There is no doubt in our minds that, given the same public awareness, natural methods can out-do these carcinogenic drugs.

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