Is Lady Squanda’s feud with Lipsy still about a guy?

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Is Lady Squanda’s feud with Lipsy still about a guy? Lady Squanda and Ninja Lipsy

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Lady Squanda and Ninja Lipsy

Lady Squanda and Ninja Lipsy

Two months ago, rising Zim-dancehall artiste Tendaizvaitwa Chitimbe, popularly known as Ninja Lipsy, was assaulted by self-proclaimed Zim-dancehall queen, Sandra ‘Lady Squanda’ Gazi.

The incident occurred during the Star FM Dancehall Remedy first anniversary celebrations at Mbare Netball Complex.

According to media reports, the circumstances were that Lady Squanda hit Ninja Lipsy on the head and she collapsed, only to regain consciousness in hospital.

The reports suggested that the scuffle started amid allegations that Ninja Lipsy had texted Lady Squanda’s boyfriend, Prince ‘Bolo’ Sithole, informing him that Squanda was a commercial sex worker.

Soon after the reports on Ninja Lipsy’s assault, Lady Squanda openly told the media that she would not stop assaulting Lipsy, even if she was to be jailed for the assault.

Now, two months down the line, Lady Squanda was attacked with a brick by another passenger after disembarking from an omnibus on her way to Chitungwiza.

Although the passenger attacked the “Dancehall Queen” after their own misunderstanding, people posted statements on social media indicating that Ninja Lipsy had something to do with the assault as a payback for the Mbare assault.

However, managers from both sides denied the social networks’ allegations saying that the two camps have made peace and are enjoying a good business relationship.

Of course, the two ladies might have brokered peace so as to work together but from the look of things, there is still tension between them.

The truth of the matter is that the two artistes have their own differences, The Sunday Mail Leisure can reveal.

Last week, Ninja Lipsy told this reporter that Lady Squanda was still sending her threatening messages.

“I have no hatred for Lady Squanda, instead I have so much respect for her works in the music industry,” said Ninja Lipsy.

“It seems she still holds a grudge against me over her boyfriend Bolo because almost every week I receive intimidating messages from her. She constantly reminds me of how she attacked me before, saying that she was going to attack me for the second time if by any chance we meet.

“Initially the messages were coming from the same line she used when she first sent me a Whatsapp message before the Mbare attack.

“However, every time I received a threatening message I would block the name so she ended up switching numbers to make sure that I receive the message.

“The day before yesterday (Monday) she sent a text message to my sister Faith ‘Maburugwa’ Mutangadaro calling us names and saying that we deserved to be beaten up.

She said Lady Squanda’s threats instil fear in her such that at times she feels uncomfortable moving around alone.

“My fears for her threats are heightened by the fact that she once attacked me and she is very capable of doing it again,” she added.

Ninja Lipsy admitted that a few months ago, the dancehall artistes were both dating the same guy – ‘Bolo’.

However, she said she left Bolo after discovering that he was also seeing Lady Squanda.

“Honestly I do not know why she is still on my case, it seems her beef with me is now beyond that guy,” Ninja Lipsy said before her manager Chris ‘Boss Chris’ Chikwature intervened.

“Lady Squanda’s threats are an issue of concern. Whenever there is a show involving her, we tell the promoter or organiser in advance so that we avoid any dramas,” said Boss Chris.

“We also make sure that where we go for any shows, Ninja Lipsy is somehow secured because we cannot afford such distractions.”

Boss Chris said he once discussed the matter with Stan ‘Minox’ Chizanda, Lady Squanda’s manager, on how to bridge the unnecessary feud between Lady Squanda and Lipsy.

During a separate interview, Minox said the feud between the two ladies is personal since they can actually work together on business grounds.

“As far as business is concerned, Ninja Lipsy and my artistes can work together.

“We have decided to put the past behind so that it does not hinder our business activities,” he said.

“I have no problem with Chris or his artiste, I can call them at any given time and we can work together as far as business is concerned.”

He, however, claimed that Lady Squanda was not on social networks thereby distancing her from accounts that are sending threatening messages to Ninja Lipsy and her camp.

“All the same, I cannot say that my artiste is not sending those threatening messages because I only manage her career, not her personal life,” Minox added.

“As a matter of fact, I stay in Westgate which is quite far from where she resides and thus it is hard to follow her daily routines and activities.

“This is the same reason why I may take longer to confirm some of the incidents that happen in her social life, it is not really my duty to control her life.

“She has her own values in her life and I have no right to violate them unless if they are directly linked to our music business.”

However, countless efforts to get Lady Squanda’s side of the story on the alleged feud drew blanks as she kept referring this reporter to her manager.

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