Introducing E-works Technologies

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Introducing E-works Technologies

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E-works Technologies is a technology company based in Harare, Zimbabwe. The company is relatively new in the Zimbabwean market but has an extensive hold in the app development market in South Africa.
The companies’ main goal is to provide Zimbabweans with simple, easy to understand and effective tech solutions.
The company is a venture that was formed by the director and his young brother together with two close friends whom he attended college with at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST). They all majored in Computer Science.
The company has been placing a lot of its focus on Web and Mobile Application development with greater strength mostly on the android OS, but still flexible enough to develop IOS and Windows mobile applications. The company has been surviving through maximum utilization of technology through the use of online collaboration tools as the entire team is scattered in different geographic spaces.
The other director is based in Bulawayo, and the other two partners are based in Cape Town, South Africa. Running a company in such conditions has been extremely difficult for the team. The team members in Cape Town have to juggle their demanding full time careers in mobile application development.
The second director has been shifting between Zimbabwe and South Africa. The director was also a full time employee, employed by the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) as the webmaster and also a Corporate Communications Officer responsible for managing the authority’s corporate image.
During his tenure at the authority, he managed to revamp the authority’s website into an aesthetically pleasing portal that is also mobile friendly. He was responsible for the initiation and implementation of ZIMRA’s social media platforms that is Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. He managed to drive traffic to the Facebook page, managing to attain 11000 likes within a couple of months.
The director of E-works Technologies is the brains behind the UX (User experience) guideline that was used in the development of the ZIMRA E-Services Platform. He worked extensively on the project with a team of Microsoft, programmers, system architects, analysts and project coordinators to bring the product to fruition. Naturally being in the ZIMRA Corporate Communications department, he was the bridge between the users, ZIMRA Customs and Domestic Taxes operations personnel and the Microsoft developers, supplying developers with the actual information of what the people would want on an online System.
The director of E-works has also worked on a number of other projects, worthy of mention is the Zimborderguidewebsite. The Zimborderguide website ( <>) is a blog site meant to make life simple and easy for Zimbabweans who would want to travel across Zimbabwean border posts.
The site presents simplified, easy to understand information on the procedures and requirements one has to meet when they are travelling across Zimbabwean borders. Of interest to car enthusiants, the site has a lot of useful tools, one of which is a Vehicle Import Duty Calculator.
The calculator allows people to simply type in the Cost Insurance and freight (CIF) value of the vehicle they are importing. The calculator does the rest, giving the user all the costs associated with bringing the vehicle to Zimbabwe Customs Duty Surtax and Vat.
E-works Technology is proud to say that it has been receiving overwhelming support from people who are paying to attend the Technology and Tax Compliance Workshops that it will be running in collaboration with ZIMRA and Microsoft on the 22nd of January 2016.
The numbers are huge and we will now be moving to a new venue to be advised.
Expand, Explore and Excel into greater heights with the Exlmobile
The device is for all your tax payment needs.
Attendees who pay early will be lined up to receive an EXLmobile Tablet PC fully loaded with copy right protected tax compliance fostering apps.
Companies wishing to advertise during the function are free to do so after payment of a banner/audio/video advertisement fee of $300 per banner, digital audio or video ad.

Please strictly make Bank Deposits and send scanned copies of payment to [email protected]
Account Name: E-works Designs
Account Number: 1005491976
Bank: CABS
Branch: First Street
Address: E-works Technologies: Suite 5 Mason House
Sam Nujoma and Selous Avenue,
HararePlease call on this number +263 733 810 256, and +263 798060 only
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