IDs registration requirements streamlined

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IDs registration requirements streamlined President Mnangagwa and First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa are welcomed by Dambudzo 1 Cell Chairman Augustine Gijima, during National Cell Day in Kwekwe yesterday.- Picture: Memory Mangombe

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Leroy Dzenga

Government has streamlined requirements for the issuance of national civic documents to make it easier for those who have been facing challenges, while people have to register to vote to defend the country’s hard-won freedom and heritage, President Mnangagwa has said.

Addressing members, who had gathered for the ruling party’s National Cell Day in Kwekwe, the President said there was no longer need to pay for the vital documents.

“In the past, when one went to apply for these documents, they were asked for their exact dates of birth.

“And when they failed to give the exact dates they were asked to bring along a close relative to vouch for them.

“We then realised this was problematic and changed the rules,” he said.

“Now we have put in place new regulations that have removed all of those requirements. We also said there is no longer need to pay for that document.

“You now get it for free; everything is now free . . . So we have streamlined everything.

“Those who do not have IDs and birth certificates should seek assistance from their local leadership and get the documents for free.”

President Mnangagwa, who is under Dambudzo 1 Cell , said it was important for party members to register to vote and defend the gains of the liberation struggle.

“The freedom we enjoy today was brought by men and women who sacrificed to go to war. People would get maimed and injured, but others kept volunteering.

“For 15 years, we battled hard until we secured victory and our Independence. For us to preserve our independence, after every five years we go for elections to get a new mandate to rule from the people.

“For us to do so, there is voting which takes place. Go and register to vote, the process is easy, war was the harder part and that is already behind us.”

Registering for next year’s elections, the President said, can still continue even though delimitation of constituency boundaries would be done using data from those who had registered by May 31 this year.

“After every 10 years, our constituency boundaries are redrawn through delimitation,” he said.

“So, the process is ongoing and the data being used is from voters who were registered by May 31 this year.

“However, this does not mean registering to vote in the 2023 election has closed.

“They can still register to vote.”

ZANU PF is the party that broke Zimbabwe free from the bondage of colonialism, he added.

Speaking at the same meeting, First Lady Dr Auxillia Mnangagwa said youths should shun drugs.

“We should shun drugs; drugs are now being used by men, women, the young and the old, and that is concerning,” she said.

“Drugs affect productivity and have the potential to ruin futures. We don’t want drugs.”

She called on party members to remain peaceful and united.

She also warned against the dangers of Covid-19, emphasising the importance of continued observance of preventative protocols and adherence to good hygiene.

“The vaccination programme is still ongoing, if you are double vaccinated, you should consider getting the booster shot, which is being offered at our health facilities,” said the First Lady.

She also spoke against domestic violence while encouraging hard work.

Yesterday’s meeting, which was the highlight of similar gatherings held by ZANU PF countrywide, was convened to audit membership and galvanise its mobilisation drive.

ZANU PF considers its cell structures as critically important organs especially as the ruling party readies its machinery for the 2023 elections.

“The cell is the soul of the party; this is where everything begins. The cell is the most important organ of the party. So today, wherever there is ZANU PF, cells are congregating,” President Mnangagwa said.

The party cells usually comprise 50 party members but they can be allowed more members.

When Dambudzo 1 Cell chairperson Cde Augustine Gijima called out the register, the President was listed on number 22, while the First Lady was on number 23, with Emmerson Mnangagwa Jnr on number 59.

Cde Gijima thanked President Mnangagwa for driving development in their constituency, singling out Indarama Mine project.

Development of the mine, he said, was set to create 4 000 jobs.

Meanwhile, our Bulawayo Bureau reports that President Mnangagwa emphasised the importance of the word of God in fostering unity towards national development.

He underscored the value of locals in developing their own country.

He was speaking at the African Apostolic Church (AAC) Ndarikure Tabernacle in Chirumhanzu, Midlands Province, where more than 30 000 congregants gathered for their holy communion.

The President quoted from four Bible scriptures during his address, highlighting the central role the church is expected to play in developing the country.

He quoted from Mark 16 verse 15, Jeremiah 29 verse 12, Nehemiah 2 verse 20 and Psalms 133 verse 1.

“Jeremiah 29 verse 11 tells us that a nation is developed by its owners and that development will never take place when there is fighting. We must unite knowing that the Lord did not avail a nation for us to suffer. He is a God who has prepared only nice things for us.

“As a church, we must teach the values of unity.

“Let us not go to other countries and be crybabies; we will be turning ourselves into a laughing stock.”

The President commended AAC for preserving cultural values.

The church, he said, should guide youths to appreciate the nation’s values and not be led astray.

“As a nation, I advise you to teach your congregants to have a good culture, a culture of understanding and unity. We have to develop our nation, build dams, build clinics, eat and be satisfied.

“The church is expected to preach and also teach boys and girls who will be future leaders, not only in the church but our nation.

“We have to ensure that the youth know that the Lord wants children who respect their elders; this is what the Lord wants.

“I must also emphasise that in our nation there is no one who is useless, everyone is valued in whatever sphere of work.”

He further called on the church to help pray for the nation to foster unity, love and respect.

Zimbabweans, added President Mnangagwa, must take the national clean-up day seriously.

“I am happy that among us today there are representatives from other countries around the world.

“Please, as you go back to your countries, tell them that Zimbabwe is open for business and churches.

“People can come and preach freely without any hindrance, people can come and operate their businesses also without any hindrance, that is our culture as a nation and you as the church please help preach it to the world.”

He further called on members of the AAC to continue supporting ZANU PF.

The event was attended by Minister of Industry and Commerce Dr Sekai Nzenza; Midlands Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution Larry Mavima; Deputy Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Lovemore Matuke; Deputy Minister of Environment, Climate, Tourism and Hospitality Industry Barbra Rwodzi, among other senior Government officials.

The AAC was founded by Archbishop Paul Mwazha.



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