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Hunt for Greatness: Posture determines your greatness

20 Dec, 2015 - 00:12 0 Views
Hunt for Greatness: Posture determines your greatness

The Sunday Mail

Your mental posture determines your physical posture and life-results.
Mental posture refers to the attitude that you choose to adopt in any situation. The mental posture determines your greatness, trajectory and energy.
You can never excel when you have the posture of resignation. Recharge, refocus and take resolute action.
Toxic attitudes tax the soul. There are no half-hearted champions in anything worth doing. Be committed and go the whole way. Take your stand and make a decision.
Give your heart to the things that you decide to pursue. Half-efforts never lead to half-championships and half-wins.
Playing average just leaves you mediocre.
You choose your posture and the posture chooses your destiny and the company you keep. You are born for greatness and fashioned for success. Think big and see possibilities.
Focus on what you are going to and not what you are going through. Make up your mind to live and stand. Greatness favours the bold.
You are responsible for your life and the attitudes you nurse. Your mindset, sets your direction. While there are many things that you cannot change, you are able to change your habits of thought.
You cannot think consistently negative and create positive experiences of life. Change starts when you change your mental posture. Audit the thoughts that you are thinking. Challenge your mental posture.
No one will create a platform for you to spring to greatness. You have to channel your thoughts and focus your spirit.
Your thoughts reflect your focus. Change what you are focusing on and you life will move in a new direction.
What you study determines what you learn. Invest in experiences that help you enlarge your mental and envisioning capacity.
What you see in your mind determines what you pursue. Stop playing horror movies in your heard and terrorising yourself.
Resigned Posture
There is lot that discourages hearts and imprisons minds. Once you are beaten in your mind, you are robbed of your soul and courage.
Do not resign from life and its challenges. Pick up your courage and fight. When you fall, fall in such a way that you face up and see the stars and possibilities above.
When you fail, never fail to extract the lessons. Failure is simply feedback. It does not matter how tough life gets, determine to survive.
So long as you can still hear, do not resign from living. Never let the fight in you die because what matters in a fight is not the size of the dog but the size of the fight in the dog.
When change finds you in resignation, it becomes traumatic and extra-painful.
Stay in the ring and keep in circulation. Aim to survive, then in time thrive. When you resign, it is hard to get you up and running again.
Tough times are not times stop trying, and resort to crying. Stop looking for pity and sympathy because life is not for victims.
Rise and dare to take your stand. Face your lions, confront your challenges and survive your storms.
Even if you have to take small steps, keep moving. Even if you have to cry, do not feel pity for yourself. Even if you have to scream, do not run away.
Even if you feel delayed, do not forget that every step you take is a step forward.
Every day is an opportunity to improve. Every challenge is a stepping stone to greatness.
The challenges of life can be exhausting and taxing. Create little spaces to recharge and reboot. Develop self-awareness. Rest if you must, but do not quit.
Rather recharge, get a new well of power within and then engage your challenges. Energy is a powerful asset that you can leverage.
Take time to rest and restart your batteries. It helps to reset your focus and recharge your energy and motivation.
Recharge spiritually, mentally, socially and physically. Invest in your personal recharge efforts. When you are blunt, you use too much energy or resources than you need to.
Get so busy working on your life that you can scarcely afford time to be busy with other people’s personal matters.
Always write down your goals and plans. Whenever you feel like quitting go back to your goals and purpose.
Find out why you took the journey you took in the first place. Let your purpose, inspire you to dare again.
Do not look back, that is not where you are going. Your trajectory is dependent to where you choose to look while driving.
Set your gaze on greatness and drive towards it. Do not look back, unless you want to go back there.
Decisions shape your destiny. Be resolute and focused; nothing is ever gained through uncommitted action.
Your spirit is indomitable, therefore stand as a rock, strike as a hawk. Strike out and do not hesitate in your pursuit of greatness.
Take massive and resolute action and do what you must. To know something and not to do is mere laziness. Take action and do great things.
Do not wait for the good wind before sailing.
Be resolute. Let your heart be kind, mind fiercely determined and spirit brave. Greatness requires you to decide and to take massive, determined action.
Intentions without action are like rainless clouds. Talk without action is cheap.
There is a space for decision making. However, once a decision is taken its time for resolute action.
There is no motion without resistance. Kites fly against the tide. Be resolute in the face of challenge.
A life without changes is empty and boring. Easy street never accomplished any exploits. The problems you face are an invitation to greatness.
Set goals that are big, challenging and inspiring. Rain resolute action on your goals. Pursue the goals with dogged determination and a resolute spirit.
Challenge your challenges and weather the weather. Thrive where you are planted. Do not give up easily and look for alternatives at the first sign of challenge.
There is no problem that will stand rooted like concrete in the face of a resolute person.
Your posture should be standing. Your prayer: should be success. Your attitude should be winning. Your narrative should be forward ever.
Committed to your greatness

Milton Kamwendo is a cutting-edge international transformational, inspirational speaker, author and coach. He is a strategy, innovation, team-building and leadership consultant. and can be reached at [email protected] and on WhatsApp number 0772422634

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