How to study in France

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The Sunday Mail

Studying in France is a cultural exchange opportunity for local students to enrich their academic experience in a world-class economic power, home to advanced industries and international corporations that are leaders in their fields and an environment favourable to innovation and to young entrepreneurship at a surprisingly highly affordable price. 

Campus France, the French national agency for the promotion of higher education, international student services, and international mobility, in conjunction with the French Embassy of Harare and the Alliance Française of Harare is pleased to announce the opening of Espace Campus France Zimbabwe. Its main missions are to promote and market French higher education programmes throughout the world, to coordinate services for international students and scholars and to manage international mobility programmes for students, scholars and research scientists.

The local office, established on June 1 2017, offers free consultations to guide local students in choosing a study programme in France and assistance to comply with administrative and regulatory requirements. Campus France Zimbabwe also promotes French higher education within local universities by facilitating inter-university cooperation and regularly hosting information sessions at the Alliance Française as well as attending local fairs and visiting local schools.

Language is often a barrier for many students in considering France as a destination of choice for tertiary studies. While it is true that the majority of studies in France are conducted in French, and require the equivalent of A-Level French or DELF B2, there is a growing number of programmes taught in English across France at all levels but mainly at master’s level. First year language courses are available in different institutions in France, however, it is highly recommended that applicants obtain a minimum level of French proficiency in order to fully enjoy their studies, dealing with French administration and living in France, even when pursuing studies that do not have French proficiency as a requirement. The Alliance Française offers a wide range of French courses to cater to future university applicants.


Mavis Mbariro Ducrocq, Campus France Zimbabwe Representative, looks forward to assisting you in making France your destination of choice for your further studies. Tel:  (263) 4 704 795 / 704 801. E-mail: [email protected] Visit us at for additional information.


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