How to create positive impact

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How to create positive impact

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Try to imagine the world long after you are gone.

Will you be remembered for good or bad deeds?

In this week’s instalment, we want to talk about impact.

Take a moment to reflect on your character, work and how it impacts on others and society.

Do you believe you are doing right and people will say good things after your time?

Well, the first stage for creating a positive impact in society is by learning to co-exist with others.

And that can only be possible if you align your actions with generally accepted standards. How is that possible?

Life teaches practical lessons and one needs to pay attention to benefit from the experiences.

If you are not careful, you will be hurt physically and emotionally.

Similarly, you risk hurting others.

However, that can be easily avoided.

Always remember that our differences make communities functional.

That is why each pair of shoes, though having the same colour and size, is different.

You have to wear each shoe on the correct foot.

Where there are differences, try to be the voice of reason.

Be the person that unites people.

This way, your name will live long after you.

We have people that lived decades or centuries ago but are still remembered for their good deeds.

In the Bible, there is a woman called Tabitha or Dorcas who, when she died, people pleaded that she be brought back to life (Acts 9: 36-42).

Would this have happened if she was a bad person?

Certainly not!

She positively impacted on many people’s lives so much that they could not imagine a life without her.

We have prominent leaders in different spheres like the late Mother Teresa, Adolf Hitler and Reinhard Bonnke that people still talk about today.

But are people talking good or bad about them? It is always good to live a life with meaning and full of positive lessons.

What will people say when you depart this planet?

Will they feel the loss or they will celebrate that you are no longer a bother to them?

Yes, we do work to accumulate wealth to possibly leave for our children, but nothing beats a good legacy.

Thus, always choose to do things that impact the next person positively. That way, your life will be admired by many.

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