Homosexuality eats into moral fabric: A response

28 Mar, 2014 - 12:03 0 Views

The Sunday Mail

When any writer is bombarded with feedback, whether positive or negative, they know for a fact that they have touched on a raw nerve and this is exactly what happened with last week’s instalment on homosexuality. It is essential to look at what the readers think on the topic.
Two schools of thought prevailed, although presented in different ways and by different people.

Jason reckoned that since homosexuality “does not affect heterosexuals”, they should just turn a blind eye to it.

He concluded that if homosexuality was evil then “the righteous should pray it out of the nation.”

“Moe Syzlack”, “Rutendo” and “Outta” are of the opinion that what two adults choose to do in their bedrooms should not be a concern.

Moe even concludes that the Bible should never be considered in the sexuality issue because “it’s an imported book”.

But then another chunk of readers think differently.
“Anti-ngochani in Zimbabwe” said: “Wabaya dede nemumukanwa, zimhandara, dzasvotwa ngochani ukaona dzopindura kudai . . . we will never tolerate this abomination in our country.”

“Mangwende” from Chnhoyi wondered why some nations would go to the extent of cutting humanitarian aid to countries that do not agree with homosexuality.

“Tanyaradzwa Manhondo” suggested that our national policies need to be consistent and called for the legislature to correct the discrepancy in our laws against homosexuals.

“Diana Mailosi” from GALZ encouraged the writer to go through literature, the Bible included, so as to write articles that “encourage thoughts and dialogue” on the homosexuality subject.

From the feedback, it looks like the article did exactly that.

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