‘Homosexual tendencies can be cured’

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‘Homosexual tendencies can be cured’ CHISANYU

The Sunday Mail

People with homosexual tendencies can be easily “cured”, a traditional healer has claimed.


Sekuru Friday CHISANYU- Traditional Healer

Sekuru Friday Chisanyu, a traditional healer and president of the Zimbabwe National Practitioners’ Association (ZINPA), said homosexuality was a “demon” that could be cast out of the “possessed” person.

“We have had a number of people that have been successfully treated of homosexuality. Homosexuality is an evil spirit that can be easily cast away,” Sekuru Chisanyu said.

The traditional healer said homosexuality was a “foreign disease” and that most of those who are practising it were doing it for money.

“Homosexuality was introduced into this part of the world by whites. It is not African to be homosexual. Most of these homosexuals have adopted a foreign culture and most of them are only doing it for financial gain,” Sekuru Chisanyu said.

Sekuru Chisanyu described homosexuality as a wandering spirit that traditional and faith healers were quite capable of exorcising.

“We have hundreds of cases in which people with homosexual tendencies have approached both traditional and faith healers seeking help. I am happy to say that a number of the people we have helped always come back thanking us for the transformation,” Sekuru Chisanyu said.

Commenting on reports that a Buhera man, Panganai Tangwena, is on the run after allegedly sexually abusing both male and female victims, Sekuru Chisanyu said the case was not unique.

“He is possessed by an evil spirit which must be cleansed. His family must come together and seek help from traditional healers. The spirit can either be neutralised or cast away,” Sekuru Chisanyu concluded.

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