Hlabangana pitches good governance and admin

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Hlabangana pitches good governance and admin

The Sunday Mail

Norman Muchemwa
Mr Kwanele Hlabangana, who hopes the July 30 plebiscite will catapult him to State President under the banner of the Republican Party of Zimbabwe (RPZ), is promising the electorate that his administration will improve the country’s governance and administration as a way of positively impacting the lives of ordinary Zimbabweans.

The 47-year-old Bulawayo-based politician’s moment of truth will come in eight days’ time.

In an interview with The Sunday Mail last week, Mr Hlabangana said instead of selling lofty promises, there are fundamental issues such as governance that need to be attended to.

“The foundations of my vision lie in improving the general administration and governance of the country. I do not intend to marvel the people of Zimbabwe with headline-grabbing promises against the background that there are so many things that are not going right in the country,” he said.

“The most basic need for every Zimbabwean is to live a better life and to achieve that, a lot of effort is required in addressing the social and economic challenges the country faces. Nonetheless, I am very confident that under my leadership, together we can make it right.”

His calling, added Mr Hlabangana, is to change the lives of Zimbabweans for the better. “I ventured into politics with the aim of improving the livelihoods of the people of Zimbabwe. I have no aspirations of being known as a great person, but rather, my vision lies in serving the people.

“Zimbabwe is a beautiful country with brilliant and hardworking people and it pains me to see the suffering and desperation in the faces of our people.

“Our people are yearning for a leadership that has compassion for them and can restore the glory that this country had before. My decision to play this role is informed by the love of my country and I think we deserve better,” he said.

Mr Hlabangana opines that for the Executive arm of Government to deliver, there is need for a very competent team that delivers tangible results.

“The biggest impediment to any form of economic progress lies in the choices that the head of the Executive chooses to live with. One needs to work with a team of high-calibre officials of integrity who uphold determination, courage, hard work and perseverance; for, indeed, it shall not be a walk in the park to move Zimbabwe out of this quagmire.

“Economic problems are a result of administrative inefficiencies and poor governance among leaders and those that follow them. The challenges in Zimbabwe, including the cash shortages, are no exception,” he said.

According to Mr Hlabangana, it is incumbent upon the State to ensure a free and fair election.

“It is everyone’s wish to have a free and fair election, but unfortunately it is the responsibility of the incumbent to make sure that happens and those who are not in Government can only give a supportive and complimentary role because we do not have the State machinery and resources to ensure a free and fair election.”

The politician also believes that RPZ’s fate is not tied to any coalition.

Having been formed last year, the party has registered 20 aspiring House of Assembly candidates and over 50 candidates for local Government.

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