Hindoo Society in charitable causes

08 Jul, 2018 - 00:07 0 Views

The Sunday Mail

Emmanuel Kafe
The Hindu community in Zimbabwe has taken several steps to make sure that Hindu traditions are kept alive and that future generations will live according to dharma (religion and morality).

The Hindoo Society of Harare, which was created to help preserve the Hindu traditions and principles, is reaching out to Harare communities.

Mr Janita Hargoven, a member of the Hindu community, said members of the Hindoo Society are actively involved in charitable causes.

“We have donated blankets, fridges, medical equipment and foodstuffs, among other things,” she said.

The Hindu community believes that charity is a core part of any society.

In Harare, the community attends religious gathering in two temples, one in the city centre and the other one in Belvedere.

“Being Hindu means one who follows, understands and practices the Vedas, Upanishads and Gita, someone who adopts to the culture, traditions, practice and teachings,” said Ms Hargoven.

According to the Hindoo Society Harare website, the Hindu Religious and Cultural Institute (HRCI) is dedicated to teaching children born into Hindu families the religious and cultural aspects of their faith.

Non-Hindus, are, however, welcome to the institution.

The institute also publishes books offering religious education for Hindus. Children between the ages of six and 11 attend classes at the institute three times a week.

The curriculum includes training in religion, social culture and language.

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