Healing the environment

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Healing the environment

The Sunday Mail

Tendai Chara

UNTIL recently, an island on Simon Muzenda Street (formerly Fourth Street) in Harare was heavily polluted, with street kids having turned it into a public convenience.

All types of litter — plastic, cans and cardboard boxes — competed with all kinds of rubbish for space at this spot.

Swarms of flies, which were attracted by the human excreta, hovered above the mound of rubbish.

However, an intervention by the Premier Service Medical Aid Association (PSMAS) has since changed the landscape in this area.

The nauseating mound of rubbish has since been replaced by a lush green road verge.

When The Sunday Mail Society recently passed through the well-maintained area, a couple was posing before a professional photographer, who was capturing the moment.

A pedestrian who was passing through the road verge could be seen depositing litter into a mounted rubbish bin.

The amazing transformation of this former dump site arose after PSMAS adopted the road verge. The association then proceeded to turn it into an attractive place, where passersby often take shelter when it is too hot.

PSMAS communications and stakeholders manager Paidamoyo Chipunza explained the motive behind the adoption and maintenance of the road verge.

“We believe that a good environment is an important component of good health. As part of our corporate social responsibility, which is driven by a desire to be exemplary in the community we serve, we, thus, approached the City of Harare for permission to redesign and upgrade this island,” Ms Chipunza said.

PSMAS, according to Ms Chipunza, is determined to change the Harare landscape.

“We intend to help create green zones in the city. Harare was becoming a dry and unbecoming space.

“We are glad that many corporates have since followed our lead and are turning more and more road islands into beautiful spaces,” added Ms Chipunza.

“We were also inspired by the call to clean up our working and living spaces. We, therefore, decided to begin right at our doorstep.”

According to Ms Chipunza, hired professional landscapers attend to the road verge twice every week.

Apart from the lush green lawns, shrubs and flowers, trees have also been planted on this road island.

Following PSMAS’ re-greening efforts, street kids and touts are no longer using this place as a hideout.

Leading by example, PSMAS has also re-greened its stand at the Zimbabwe Agricultural Show premises on the Harare-Bulawayo Road.

Ms Chipunza is proud of the PSMAS stand. “We have one of the best gardens at the Zimbabwe Agricultural Show premises. The garden is maintained throughout the year in the same spirit of greening the environment,” she said.

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