He who laughs last laughs best

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He who laughs last laughs best

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DYNAMOS have this cunning ability of using and dumping its sons like condoms.

History is littered with ex-DeMbare players who feel the club gave them a raw deal: Samson Choruwa, Brighton Tuwaya, Francis Madziva and Anesu Gondo are ust four individuals who Dynamos could have treated better.

There is a not-so-new name on that list.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s give it up for Murape Murape who in a flash has gone from being the Dynamos assistant coach to being jobless.

The arrival of Biggie “Nzou” Zuze as assistant coach was supposed to see King Mura being demoted to the role of second assistant coach, the third in command.

However, the message from Kenias Mubaiwa has changed. The Dynamos president says the Glamour Boys are hunting for a second assistant coach to complement Lloyd Mutasa.

What about Murape?

“If he interested in joining the juniors he can apply and be number two to the guy who is already there,” Mubaiwa aka Mr Bling Bling was quoted saying last week.

Just how does Murape tumble from being Mutasa’s assistant to a guy who has to apply for the job of being the number two juniors coach?

Well this is Dynamos and at DeMbare, anything can happen.

The explanation coming from the Dynamos hierarchy is that Murape cannot be the first team’s assistant coach because he doesn’t have a CAF A license as required by Zifa’s standardisation programme.

Whilst this is true, it is also equally true that Murape was never a favourite of Mubaiwa.

Last year, Mubaiwa attempted to fire Murape, accusing the former club skipper of insubordination. But King Mura flexed his political muscle and forced his way back to the bench.

The song “Monya Ane Cremora” was sang as Murape made an appearance against Tsholotsho despite the morning papers having screamed that he had been fired.

Some Dynamos fans hailed Murape as the man who would stand up to Mubaiwa. A few months down the line their golden boy has been jettisoned and looks down and out.

And somewhere down in Chiredzi, at some sugar plantation, Norman Togara must be having the last laugh.

Togara warned Murape against supping with the devil after it was reported that DeMbare wanted their former skipper to join the technical team.

King Mura hit back: “I have fought for everything in my life, live your life I live mine,” Murape fired at Togara. “Zibharanzi. Dynamos is forever my home you (are) irrelevant to that cause. Norman Togara The Self Proclaimed Prophet Of Doom. A former player busy criticising your fellow cadres on Facebook, instead of us supporting each other nxaaaa.

“Wakauya kuHarare ukatisiya tiriko ngaarime nzimbe mushe uko. Ndakambomuti Togara wakakurumidza kuno rima nzimbe here ini? When it comes to my beloved team I will fight and defend without fear and know this Dynamos will rise up, we will work hard and prevail. Zvakaoma kudaro kudzidza hakuperi.”

They say he who laughs last laughs what?

Sir exits the scene!

Sir is social media commentator and writes this satirical column in his personal capacity. Feedback: [email protected]

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