Harare blows US$3 million on masterplan

16 Jun, 2024 - 00:06 0 Views
Harare blows US$3 million on masterplan Mr Nyabeza

The Sunday Mail

Nokuthula Dube

THE Harare City Council has shelled out nearly US$3 million to develop a new city masterplan to comply with a Government directive for all local authorities to finalise long-term development blueprints by the end of June.

A city masterplan is a blueprint, typically spanning 10 to 15 years, that guides the city’s growth and development.

It acts as a roadmap, outlining the city’s vision for the future and the strategies to achieve it. Harare’s last masterplan was unveiled in 1996.

The Harare City Council is expected to submit the new plan to the Government next week ahead of the June 30 deadline.

In November last year, President Mnangagwa launched a blueprint titled “A Call to Action — No Compromise to Service Delivery: First Stage of Interventions to Modernise the Operations of Local Authorities Towards a 2030 Vision”.

The blueprint directed all 92 local authorities to submit masterplans by the end of this month as part of efforts to enhance service delivery. Harare town planner Mr Samuel Nyabeza said they expected to submit the programme before the deadline.

“We have a team of 70 employees, including interns, who are working on the masterplan,” he said.

“They have divided themselves into 13 thematic teams, dealing with the various aspects of the masterplan.

“We are finalising the selection of a leading private consultant who will work together with our team and also help standardise and package the masterplan.”

He said the programme will first have to be adopted by a full council meeting.

“We have a group dealing with matters of the environment, and this group is composed of three planners and some interns,” said Mr Nyabeza.

“We also have another group dealing with infrastructure and roads, the sewer, airports and telecommunications.

“It’s a thematic area which is being done by another group for planners and students.

“We are also dealing with housing, tourism, maps and statutory planning.

“We are collapsing the reports (from the individual thematic groups) that have been done and putting them into one report. Maps have also been done.

“Most of the typing has been done, and the reports are now being collapsed into a pool which forms the first part of a masterplan document.”

Mr Nyabeza said after completing the first draft, they will move to developing the written statement.

“The written statement is the one that talks about the policies, proposals and implementation phases of the masterplan,” he said.

“Our intention is that by June 24, we will have finished work on the written statement and thereafter we will submit the written statement to the works and town planning committee.”

On June 27, the programme will be tabled before a full council meeting.

“Around June 28, we will proceed to hand over the masterplan to the President and we will also submit copies to the Ministers of Local Government and Public Works; and National Housing,” he said.

“We had an initial budget of US$2,9 million for the masterplan, but we are hoping the cost will be reduced because of the approach which we have taken.”

Mr Nyabeza said the city planned to engage stakeholders before the final masterplan was submitted.

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