Great entrepreneurs are unpredictable beings

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Great entrepreneurs are unpredictable beings

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Entrepreneurship Matters
Dr Kudzanai Vere

Numerous factors distinguish entrepreneurs from ordinary business persons, but executional uniqueness coupled with a great deal of innovation makes them noteworthy.

As the world revolves around its axis signalling unstoppable and continuous movement forward, so are the challenges people face on a daily basis. These demand people who challenge the status quo. Those that have developed a non-conformity ideology. A mind that keeps questioning and making the current relevant paving way for that which is new. As the world faces new challenges on a daily basis, so should be the solutions.

The world needs solutions and your business should endeavour to provide these. Entrepreneurship demands that you mind your business in a unique way. When we talk of execution, we mean making things happen and actually doing that which you are expected and even unexpected to do. If you continue doing that which is expected, then you will sooner or later become irrelevant for you will be predictable. Great entrepreneurs are unpredictable beings. They always surprise the world by their unique way of doing things.

Be with them but play

at a level higher

It is said there are many ways to kill a cat and the same goes with entrepreneurship. You can approach it from various economic angles as long as your exploits meet the core entrepreneurship tenets. Most of the business we do have veterans walked the way before us but that doesn’t prevent us from getting into such businesses. What is needed is your unique way of expressing yourself in that business.

This article will cover organisations that have exhibited executional uniqueness.


Global DNA Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe had and still has a number of medical geneticists but Global DNA’s executional uniqueness is exceptional. This organisation opened doors seven years ago but it’s now arguably the leading DNA testing centre in the country.

What you have to know is, you can get into any field that you are passionate about but do not play at their level to be extra ordinary.

Apart from simply testing and giving people DNA paternity test results, Global DNA through the now men of the moment Tinashe Mugabe went on to start The Closure DNA Show which has taken Zimbabwe by storm exposing infidelity done several years ago while people pretend to be as innocent. Though some might think this can cause a lot of problems thereafter, the man is full of wisdom that at the end of it all peace of mind will be restored.

Entrepreneurship and business entails solving current and emergent socio economic challenges in a unique and innovative way. This is exactly what Global DNA Zimbabwe is doing. Executional uniqueness separates great performers from mere performers.

Craft properties Holdings

Craft Properties which started off in 2008 as a small entity specialising in real estates is now a diversified company which has grown big in land development and construction. The company has now gone regional and international with offices and operations in the United States of America, Zambia and Botswana.

Though there were a number of giants in the land development and properties business, Craft Properties found its unique way of doing business and emerged victorious. There major aim is to have almost everyone under their own roof and as such they have some low income housing schemes they are running.

Asked on how he managed to grow his business into the region and internationally, the polite and humble Taruberekera cited having guiding principles as foundational to success in business.

As a result of their unique touch in the land development and properties business, the company was awarded an International Business licence in Oxford United Kingdom by the Europe Business Assembly. This licence permits Craft Properties to operate internationally.

The organisation was also inducted into the World Confederation of Businesses as a member. Such a privilege will enable the organization to attend important business meetings, seminars, conferences and summits across the world. This is where executional uniqueness leads to. It opens doors for greater business opportunities.


Refuse to be ordinary. Curve your own way even in the markets that some think are overcrowded. Your unique touch will set you apart. The Craft Properties chief won himself numerous entrepreneurship and business awards due to his practical approach in the property development industry.

Your entrepreneurship exploits must be seeing to be contributing to the growth of your local, and national economy when done right. Kadoma, the city of gold now boast of their hard working and humble entrepreneur who is being conferred Honorary Professorship of the Academic Union Oxford in the field of business and management.

Such an honour according to the Academic Union, Oxford is given as a symbol of credit and expression of honour to people who are promoting social and intellectual progress of modern society, integration and empowerment in the fields of science, culture, business, economy, and development of innovative processes in the world.

Differentiate your business from that next door. Have a unique way of solving people’s challenges then you’re guaranteed of winning the entrepreneurship race.

Determined to engage, inspire and transform generations.


The writer  Dr. Kudzanai Vere,  the founder of Kudfort, Tengesa Online, Premium Business Network International and the Institute of Entrepreneurs Zimbabwe is an entrepreneur, author and transformational speaker in the areas of entrepreneurship and personal development. Dr. Vere have trained more than 5000 entrepreneurs globally in the areas of innovation, organisation development, practical business management and ideation. You can contact him on +263719592232 or email [email protected]    


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