Gorimbo unmoved

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Gorimbo unmoved

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IT is widely believed that Themba Gorimbo is at his best when he plays the villain: trash talking, kicking and punching his opponents, including fighting like a man with a huge chip over his shoulder.

These are character traits that have so far served him well during his Extreme Fighting Championship (EFC) career, and will likely do the same when he finally embarks on his Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) career. Apart from his impressive display on the mat and in the cage, the 28-year-old mixed martial arts (MMA) expert is a treasure trove of quotable quotes.

“I was always a guy that was doubted by people, and later on by his opponents.

“I seemed to always have an answer for the doubters. So my friend Daniel and I decided on the moniker,” said Gorimbo on the origins of his moniker “The Answer”.

“I started mixed martial arts 10 years ago when I saw this movie ‘Never Back Down’. I saw what they were doing and thought I could do it too. That is how I started MMA.

“It started with a movie, and, here we are, now writing our own movie,” he said, creating one more quote for the archives.

The year 2020 was supposed to be his breakout one during which he would crush all challengers on his way to the big leagues.

A fortnight ago, the 28-year-old successfully defended his welterweight championship, pounding into submission the previously unbeaten Australian, Lyle Karam.

“The Karam fight was what it is … I appreciate having the opportunity to have a fighter of his calibre, previously unbeaten, and being the one to hand him his first loss. “It bodes well for my career going forward,” he said.

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus, his dreams of building his profile will have to be put on ice.

The pandemic has affected all aspects of life, from business, society to sports.

But Gorimbo is unfazed.

“This virus has affected the whole world, some people might even benefit from it, while most will probably suffer, but, for me, life does not stop.

“Do not get me wrong, I am not taking anything away from the devastating effects it has had on life, but there are bigger problems in this world.

“My life is still going to continue; I am still going to train as much as I can now that we are on lockdown.

“I have already collected my equipment from the gym to set up a mini-gym at home and train. For me to be at the top, I have to train, and train as hard and as much as I can,” he said.

He has refused to let the current coronavirus pandemic ruin his UFC dream. “At the moment, I am not at liberty to divulge much, suffice to say good things are coming, UFC is definitely coming,” he said.


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