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Going to ZITF? Prepare for a blast

04 Mar, 2018 - 00:03 0 Views
Going to ZITF? Prepare for a blast

The Sunday Mail

ON my previous visit to Bulawayo, dead was the most apt word to describe the night life.

Then, there was mention of one or two “kicking” places, the other one a good drive out of the city. Late nights and long-distance driving from an imbibing place are hardly the best of partnerships.

Then a couple of weeks ago, on our way to Hwange, we stopped over in Bulawayo.

It was meant to be a one-night stop-over but ended up being a two-night affair. But even with the two nights on our hands we could not sap in all the joy that the city famed for kings and queens had for us.

The transformation of Bulawayo is in part due to the entry of Private Lounge, Club Connect, Club 263 and The Place (at Heath Streak Academy).

For some people, it goes without saying that given the unproven theory that Bulawayo has more beautiful girls than Harare, there is the to take in Private Lounge Bulawayo when one sets foot in the county’s second largest city.

To describe the night life – and what goes on in Private Lounge – would not do here. Having taken in Private Lounge on Thursday, we let Club Connect take care of our Friday. Honestly, I envy those who get more than two nights in Bulawayo.

I will have to find a way of being part of the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair, slated for April 24 to 28, so that I can really indulge in Bulawayo’s night life.

We had proposed to do Club 263 on our way back from Hwange, but the schedule could not allow us to, which means that end of the world remains unexplored.

As I settled back in Harare, colleague Mtandazo Dube informed me that he was leaving for Livingstone, Zambia, where a Club Connect is opening. Another is set to open in Lusaka and then Harare.

Does anyone see what I am seeing? Harare-Bulawayo-Livingstone-Lusaka-Harare. Night life has never been sweeter!

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