‘God is going to shock the world’

14 May, 2017 - 00:05 0 Views

The Sunday Mail

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RIGHTEOUSNESS Revival Ministries leader Apostle Tawanda Chikeya has urged Zimbabweans to remain resilient in the face of economic challenges saying God is about to do something great for the country.

After a mid-week service in Meyrick Park, Harare last week, Apostle Chikeya said Zimbabwe was blessed with many resources that could help turnaround the economy and create employment for millions.

“I see God changing things for the better in Zimbabwe; this is going to happen soon and the whole world will be shocked. Let’s stay strong and soldier on, the answer is nigh,” he said.

Apostle Chikeya urged his inter-denominational congregation to continue praying for the country. The 30-year old preacher caused a stir in Meyrick Park after he reportedly snatched the lives of two children from the jaws of death.

Mrs Linda Madzore said she had pregnancy complications which saw her deliver via a Caesarian section. But the newborn did not cry and was put on oxygen. “As if that was not enough, doctors also told me that the baby had an infection and could not breath except through oxygen machines.

“I then phoned Apostle Chikeya who prayed for me over the phone and later the same day, there were miraculous changes in my baby’s condition, all to the glory of God,” she said.

Mrs Shingirai Nharuvinga said her baby suddenly collapsed and “was lifeless for over an hour”.
“We sought assistance from Apostle (Chikeya) after my baby had literally died. I was crying and everyone around was just feeling sorry for me. We then approached the man of God who prayed for my child; he spent about an hour praying continuously . . . the baby sprang back to life in a move which shocked everyone,” she said.

Apostle Chikeya said he was “being led by God to perform the miracles” since he started his church about five years ago. He was arrested last year on allegations of raping a congregant but was acquitted of the charges.

“The rape issue was just a tribulation because it was an outright lie. When the allegations were brought up, it negatively affected the church but now God is doing great works in His church much to His glory. I will continue serving God despite the challenges or trials that I may face in life,” he said.

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