Glen View teacher sentenced to 12 years for rape

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Glen View teacher sentenced to 12 years for rape

The Sunday Mail

Rudo Mandiro

A Glen View 1 High School teacher convicted of raping a 17-year-old student he had offered a glass of water spiked with an unknown substance to induce her unconsciousness has been slapped with an effective 12-year jail sentence.

Harare magistrate Mr Ignition Mhene convicted Admire Kafurura (29) of raping a juvenile after the State proved that he took advantage of the girl when she visited his house for extra lessons.

The magistrate had sentenced Kafurura to 15 years in prison before suspending three years for good behaviour.

Prosecutor Mr Shepard Makonde told the court that on the day of the offence in May 2019, the complainant went to Kafurura’s house in Glen View 1, where she was supposed to attend extra lessons.

Upon arrival, the complainant advised her teacher that she was unwell and could not attend that day’s lesson.

Kafurura then gave the girl a glass of water which he had spiked, under the pretext of assisting her ease her problem.

The court heard that after drinking the water, the girl suddenly felt dizzy and passed out.

After regaining consciousness, she noticed Kafurura fastening his belt, signalling that he was dressing up.

She also noticed that she was undressed with her clothes beside her.

The court heard she realised she had been raped and went for medical examination at Family Support Clinic, which confirmed her fears.

The matter was later reported to the police leading to Kafurura’s arrest.

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