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Glasshouses: Weddings any season

03 May, 2015 - 00:05 0 Views

The Sunday Mail

Tendai Mbirimi

Bridal Writer

“FOR everything there is a season and time — a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to reap.”

These words in the third chapter of Ecclesiastes are attributed to a man undisputed in the corridors of wisdom. People across the divide of culture, time and geography, have heeded these judicious words and have morphed and defined events in their particular context.

Rain, the chill of winter and the blazing sun are some of the weather considerations when setting a wedding date. Perhaps a venue that spans across the challenges of weather can help people plan their wedding undeterred and put to rest the issue of seasons.

The advent of “wedding glasshouses” in Zimbabwe has brought in another dimension in the wedding industry, which used to be dominated by marquees, churches and community halls for those who opted to host their weddings under a roof.

With its air of secluded luxury, stylish design, dramatic views and immaculate outlook, a glasshouse offers an elegant and unique wedding experience one can think of.

Though costs may be the limiting factor, glasshouses offer a picturesque setting, which can leave an indelible mark in the minds of your beloved guests apart from your dearest one.

In Harare, Bliss Gardens and Zimbali are among the few venues with glasshouses crafted in an artistic manner capable of adding flavour to your wedding.

From the moment you step into the glasshouse at Zimbali, you instantly submerge into a breath-taking fairy-light, airy and spectacular contemporary space filled with cutting edge features.

Abigail Shumba and Trevor Dick whose wedding is due in June, say the chilly weather associated with the month gives them no worries anymore.

“We have been worried about how we are going to host our guests under cold conditions but with a glass house setting we are ready to go,” said Abbigail.

With windows from the floor area springing to roof and interior lining throughout, the glass house has excellent temperature control and is soundproof, a reception space and bar with chandeliers.

The starlit metaphoric ceiling, which enables up-lighting throughout as well as a spacious dance floor, augments the lively and tranquil setting of the big day.

There are many brick and mortar venues that can fulfil all wedding requirements. But the allure of a glasshouse is that it is totally bespoken. We have all seen it in movies, a wedding beside an ocean, or in the middle of a scenic lush green landscape but a wedding in a glasshouse means the best in every season.

A glasshouse can be decorated suiting the needs of the wedding couple and that of the gesture too. It’s your design from the décor to the table plan, the dance floor; to the high table and even the toilets. Surely this leaves one with an unforgettable experience.

When it rains, the wedding can go ahead under cover in a charmingly decorated set up.

During winter, electrical temperature controllers can do the magic while you enjoy the natural light from outside at the expense of nippy weather.

Perhaps the biggest plus point of a glasshouse for your wedding is that one can choose the setting of their wedding event. So step into the modern era and roll with the times by hosting your wedding in a glasshouse.

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