GEC toastmasters, class beyond eloquence

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GEC toastmasters, class beyond eloquence

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Grace Ngadze George Emmanuel College —
Under the theme ‘Class Beyond Eloquence,’ the George Emmanuel College Toastmasters managed to host another successful dinner. The dinner was to welcome the incoming Lower Sixes, who are going to be the chairs of Toastmasters next year.

The event commenced with an extravagant red carpet entry that was rolled from one of the most elegant limousines in town. Each lady would have waited for this moment as after days of planning, they could finally showcase their outfits. It was hard to believe how innovative students could be with the school colors, but yet again they managed to pull it off. Upon entry, each Toast Master would hold their cocktail and pose for pictures, hoping to be awarded the Lady or Gentleman of the night award.

Pulling over into the seemingly young night, the excitement of it all was not having the gentlemen just dressed to kill but also the ladies elegantly dressed walking like peacocks. The crystals of the night was blessed by the presence of the 2016 Toastmasters President Sir Thulani Nyamapfeka who was elegantly and expensively dressed. Just looking at his Italian navy blue suit, before arriving at his well branded Hugo Boss shoe, you would know the young gentleman was very expensive, to compliment all the toastmasters that dressed like Hollywood stars at the Queen’s wedding.

As he addressed the students, he encouraged the members by saying, “Some people may be shocked to see certain individuals they never expected to see in Toastmasters, as outstanding individuals of tomorrow, their zeal and eagerness to learn would make them better leaders than those that were born leaders.”

He also encouraged the Toastmasters to be well composed everywhere they go so that they would earn respect. He said, “Respect is what we owe, not what we acquire. It means admitting to being wrong, submitting to people of authority and sometimes stooping low. For us to have respect for law and order, we should first teach respect, to those entrusted to enforce the law. When people do not respect us as leaders, we are sharply offended yet respect builds our character and fulfils our morals. It is magnanimous and helps to fulfil us as leaders.”

Considering how George Emmanuel is well known for serving expensive, delicious, seemingly better than hotel meals, one might have had wondered what the hosts prepared to match the high standards at this up-market school. Even with this in mind, it could be seen that the caterers were worth vouching for. During this time of engaging in the meal, the guest of honor Sir Manuel embraced the hierarchy as the master of ceremony, Sir Bhidhi, introduced them. The Hierarchy which comprised of The PRESIDENT Sir Nigel D.J Shangare, The three Vice Presidents, Miss Zvikomborero E Manyowa, Miss Precious Naphazi and Sir Michael Kavhai, the Treasurer, Sir Kudzai M Chirenje and Secretary Grace Ngadze and lastly the Surgent in Arms Sir Tadiwa Chongore.

This event couldn’t have been made more of a success without the work of the students and the administration. With closing remarks, the president of Toast Masters, Sir Nigel D.J Shangare encouraged the lower sixes to learn from this year’s board, not to be like them, but to be better than them. He commended the outstanding lady on the night Miss Tanaka Madzima, who was exceptionally smashing that night, to be an example of what Toast Masters could do to them.

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