GEC 2017 prefects inauguration

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GEC 2017 prefects inauguration

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‘Vision resembles desire

Anesu Kenneth Mandirahwe GEC High School 2017 Headboy —
To dream is to have foresight, whether or not you find it possible…. A dream resembles desire. Therefore you would find that men dream most of what they desire to acquire.

The difference between dreaming and having vision is that with dreaming you only see but with vision you see, chase and desire to acquire with great determination. Therefore, a dream can remain stagnant but having vision means taking action for you become a man on a mission. As head boy I have realized my need to have a vision and also the need to carry the school’s vision as I go.

Ladies and gentleman – My name is Anesu Kenneth Mandirahwe. I would like to welcome you to this glorious occasion. This day marks a milestone for this prestigious institution – greatness has been embraced and great people have been appreciated today. I stand before you on this esteemed podium to deliver a speech merely drafted in excellence entitled EMBRACING GREATNESS!

A double-minded can never do anything. If you stop at a T junction as a driver and you cannot decide whether to turn left or right, it follows that you are to stay there until the decision has been made. By definition, it means that greatness is a journey that begins not by the first step taken but rather by the decision to embark on the journey. The decision I have made at this juncture is to be an exemplary leader to the students at this school and the nation at large for with authority comes responsibility.  Light shines because of darkness, goodness lives because of evil and weakness defines strength. Being unable to understand greatness means that you stand under the standard of greatness. You would then find yourself bad-mouthing those who have made it, investing your time in stereotyping and re-writing their story but sorry …… what you cannot see here is that you are investing more into the success of that person because time is money. Time lost is never regained. Remember when it’s time up it does not mean that you should stop but rather go onto the next. The same red robot that stops you from crossing over can also turn green to say go, push yourself forward so keep your eyes open and keep your engine running.

Students, take a closer look at the GEC school logo on your jerseys right now… three words have been embroidered there – DETERMINATON, INTEGRITY AND SUCCESS! Don’t ever take for granted this opportunity granted to you by your parents, enrolling at GEC automatically means that you have been already set on the course of greatness. Which other school offers excellence the way we do …. Because as far as I am concerned before us there were A schools and when we were born we became the first and only A* school.

GEC IS D. O. P. E …. DOPE. Dignified- Outstanding, Prestigious and Excellent. GEC IS DOPE!!!

Look up when you are looking for us. All the prefects being ordinated today, let us take cognizance of our role as leaders at this school.  Those who say the sky is the limit are those who are on the ground but those as fly as we are belong to the skies and have the ability to go beyond. Where their potential ends, we set our milestone there and go an extra mile with a smile on our faces because if we face facts right now…. Fact is our fate is to be great!!!

Huh… the coincidence though – that this G and E stand for George Emmanuel … the same G and E abbreviated would stand for Great and Exceptional. I am ready to bring this to life. Sir Thulani Nyamapfeka was outstanding in each and every way and succeeding such a great leader is such an honor as much a task too. The Bible clearly states that “For the latter house shall be greater than the former,” and on behalf of the incoming prefectural board I promise to deliver. To the outgoing prefects, thank you for being so outstanding and for being reliable light bearers, you guys were amazing.

Ladies and gentlemen always remember this – so long you are at this institution you are meant to be great therefore EMBRACE YOUR GREATNESS!!!


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