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#ChiselingtheDebris  Shingai Rukwata Ndoro —
As a gentle reminder, the Divine, in lived experiences of “Indigenous Spirituality,” refers to an impersonal life force requiring neither human reverence nor attention.

“Mwari” is a composite experience consisting of the breath (“mweya”, ie life bearer), intellect (“njere”) and physical power (“simba”). These are all aspects found within or as the interiority of every human being in different measures determined by effort.

In comparison, the Abrahamic God is a mythical, humanoid and alpha male whose vices and ills have been like that of him. This egomaniac tribal deity that craves for human reverence and attention has been the motive force for hateful and barbaric Christian actions like racism, slavery, sexism, inquisition, crusades, colonialism and apartheid.

To those with an affinity to the Abrahamic God, he is considered as positive, benevolent, loving, considerate, generous, compassionate, gentle and kind. This is what is taught about him in church and school.

The negative and malevolent side of the Abrahamic God is well recorded in the Scriptures. These textual references show a humanoid alpha male with a wicked and revulsive nature. He is aggressively hateful, discriminatory, sexist, lethally abusive, vengefully violent, homicidally psychopathic and mercilessly murderous.

The whole religious edifice of Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) is built and informed by the sexist view that a woman was created as an after-thought (Genesis 2:20-23), created for a lonely man (Genesis 2:7).

This is a serious violation of the principle that a man and woman were created at the same time and as complimentary opposites. (Genesis 1:27)

The same Abrahamic God is disproportionate and vengeful in meting out punishment over alleged transgressions. The character (internal) and personality (external) of the Abrahamic God manifests itself among its followers. The worst human atrocities have been by Christians – hatred and discrimination against non-Christians, racism, slavery, sexism, Inquisition, Crusades, colonialism and apartheid.

One can easily find the motivation of these despicable and heinous crimes from the character, behaviour and commands of the Abrahamic God in the scriptures. Its very easy to ascribe these to the weaknesses and frailty of human beings who did these brutal actions, while ignoring the motivation and deterministic causation of human actions arising from the character and commandments of the Abrahamic God.

What makes people of goodwill associate themselves with the despicable character, conduct and commandments of the Abrahamic God? Ordinarily, good and morally upright people should consider it as wrong, bad and hurtful to harm others. So are we not teaching ourselves and our children that its alright to live a life of inconsistency, hypocrisy and moral disconnection like that of psychopaths, who are so morally depraved that they lack conscience and empathy?

This tribal deity chose Abraham that he was to form a great nation. (Genesis 12:2-3) What had Abraham done to deserve this preferential treatment and what had other human beings done to be discriminated?

What had the descendants of Abraham done to merit being “chosen people” (Deuteronomy 7:6, Ezekiel 36:24-28)? It is claimed that they were chosen to be a “blessing to all the nations of the world” (Genesis 12:2-3) yet they were stubborn people (Deuteronomy 9:6). These are the same allegedly chosen people that “Iesous” (translated to “Jesus”) exclusively came for. This is the lost house of Israel. (Matthew 15:24, Isaiah 53:6, Jeremiah 50:6,7, Ezekiel 34:5,6,16,23)

Does this not inform us that this Abrahamic God is a tribal diety not universally benevolent? Is he not a human construct by those who considered themselves as tribally chosen?

So for the Abrahamic God, “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” is for only those who are “chosen” by him, while those he did not choose are dehumanisingly treated like waste and perishables?

Besides enjoying plant, animal and human sacrifices (Genesis 22:1-18, Exodus 22:29-30, Leviticus 27:28-29, I Kings 8:63), the Abrahamic God claimed that Isaac was the only son of Abraham yet there was Ishmael.

Those who allegedly killed Jesus violated the “thou shall not kill” commandment but the same Abrahamic God condoned their actions because it was a “fulfilment” and they achieved what the angry Abrahamic God willed for human blood for atonement so that he can be forgiving. He had the power to intervene but chose not to because it suited him. His followers celebrate death permitted instead of life avoided.

We have previously observed that there was no “sin” committed by primordial human beings. Nobody fell from innocence. Instead the story is an allegory for humanity when it recovered itself from ignorance and blindness forced by the religious and political authorities.

The wrath of a despotic and tyrannical Abrahamic God was that of a liar that preferred the ignorance and blindness of humanity and that any claim of divine judgement was/is meant to take away human sovereignty and independence and replace it with unquestioning submission, harmful compliance and lack of agency and causation.

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