From kitchen to pulpit

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From kitchen to pulpit

The Sunday Mail

For a young preacher who has vowed to change the way people worship God, it all started at the tender age of 10.

He claims that his church is God’s genuine alter based on solid teachings drawn from the Holy Scriptures.Growing up in (ZAOGA) Forward in Faith Ministries, Prophet Arthur Buranda of the recently formed Alive in Christ Church insists that his mission is different from many other mushrooming places of worship.

The 27-year-old prophet dumped the kitchen for the pulpit four years ago after quitting his job at one of the leading fast-foods outlets in Harare.

Prophet Buranda had worked for the food court for almost two years after his dream of studying law had dashed due to lack of tuition fees.

“I had to find work because I had family responsibilities. While I was still employed, I used to receive a lot of prayer requests. The turning point was when my father Mr Albert Buranda was diagnosed of liver cirrhosis and diabetes. That’s when I made a covenant with God, that if he was to heal my father, I would serve Him.

“I travelled to our rural home in Mwenezi to pray for my father, who had been told by doctors that he only had six months to live. God turned the trying times into a testimony.

“That was in 2014, God did a great miracle and healed my father. After that I resigned from my job and spent time in Marondera, living with my aunt.”

He had made the decision to commit himself to God’s work.

“I would spend several hours in secluded places in deep prayer. I went into a four months fast and would break the fast daily at around 5pm. That’s when God revealed deep spiritual things to me.”

Prophet Buranda said his journey was shaped by his spiritual father, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa of the United Family International Church (UFIC).

He narrated that while he was still living in Marondera, he started inter-denominational prayer services at his aunt’s house.

During the prayer meetings, healing miracles would take place.

As a result, the gathering grew in no time.

The young prophet was then invited to share God’s word at various churches in Masvingo, Norton, Chitungwiza and Harare, among other places.

On January 7th, 2018, Prophet Buranda launched Alive in Christ Church in downtown Harare.

While it is still early days, the prophet says that he is not looking back.

“My special focus and interest is on the Word of God. Miracles may attract people but it is the Word of God that changes the hearts of men. Every Christian must be equipped with the word,” he said.

“We want to be a voice of the young Christian people in our generation.

“I believe in a strong prayer life as this is the only way to make God real. Above all, we thank God for freedom of worship in Zimbabwe.”


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