Fresh winter trends for men

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The Sunday Mail

Chelsea Moyo —
MEN have been known to put on just about anything without putting much thought into it. This winter dare to be a man with an organised fashion sense and beat the winter “frosties” in style.

I for one believe that the way you dress speaks volumes about your personality. Most ladies judge a man by his dressing way before he opens his mouth. Be it you are dressing up for work, a night out with the boys or a nice Sunday with the family, make sure your dressing is speaking for you. Here are some winter must-haves that you could never go wrong with.

The shawl cardigan

This trendy cardigan is the perfect way to keep warm and above all reflect confidence. It is uniquely made with a shawl to keep you extra warm around the neck. There is no need to wear a scarf with this piece since the shawl already serves as the scarf. Layer it with a v-neck t-shirt for that casual look. If you dare to try new things, buy a red or royal blue cardigan to achieve a youthful appearance.

Plaid shirts

One of the advantages of a plaid shirt is that it can be worn in any weather. A fabric of choice would be cotton since it is warmer. For years plaid shirts have been termed the illusion shirts since the print has a slimming effect. Wear it with a monochrome suit, preferably a dark colour such as black so that the shirt pops and creates the signature for your outfit.

Tweed coat

It is insulated, durable and looks good with just about every type of trouser. Fashion designers have paired this coat with jeans, khakis and corduroys to prove that the tweed coat is appropriate for any look. To those who love layering, a tweed coat is an ideal item to add on top of your sweater or cardigan and avoid looking as if you have put on the whole wardrobe.

The essential leather jacket

Leather jackets have never missed a spot on any fashion must have list. It is essential for every trendy man to own one.

Leather jackets create an edgy and rusky look that most women adore. So if you are still wondering what to wear when you go out for drinks with the boys, it is simple, put on that leather jacket and your perfect fit jeans. A classic leather jacket is appropriate for a mature look and the “moto” jacket is favourable for when you are ready to turn up.

The versatile trousers

Grey is a highly versatile colour and depending on the fabric chinos, for example, can be worn all year round; grey has a way of making an outfit more alive especially when paired with blue and red shirts.

Gone are the days when CEOs and Managing Directors could only look professional in a black suit. Show up to work this week in a charcoal grey suit, looking executive and oozing with confidence.

Low key layer

Layering is probably one of those clever ways to look stylish and warm at the same time. Problem comes when people force on many items and ignore the fact that it should also be neat and smart. Layer a v-neck cardigan or sweater with your suit. The cardigan does not have to be the same colour with your suit but it must compliment the colour of the suit. The best way to wear a puffer jacket is to layer it with a light knit jersey just in case the weather changes. You do not want to look ridiculous when the sun starts to shine during the mid-afternoon hours, so layer a light jersey to ensure that when you take off your puffer jacket you still have something warm.

The power scarf

Some outfits are boring and create an aura of boredom around you. Break away from the norm that winter comes with dull outfits.

Pimp up your dark and dull suit with what I would like to call the “power” scarf. It is any scarf that has a fancy print or lively colour. The power scarf breathes life to a dull outfit and makes you seem more approachable.

Shoe selection

Winter is the best season to take out your boots and keep your feet warm. Personal favourites this winter are the leather lace up boots, suede boots and, of course, the Chelsea boots. Whatever you decide to put on, just remember to dress well and make a statement.

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