Forgive and forget

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Forgive and forget

Brian Ngosi

Your life revolves around what is in your mind.

The number of times you have disappointed and the numerous people who ganged up against you, should all be left in the past and completely forgotten.

A grudge is the heaviest weight you can carry in your mind. It can block a lot other mental processes.

The strides you make are a reflection of the pictures in your mind.

You need to be careful of things that your mind processes on a daily basis.

Do not lose energy thinking about how you were let down in the past, and how much it still hurts you.

Failure or success is determined by your daily mental pictures.

Your worst memories and experiences should be shelved, if you are going to be at the top of your game.

Only the best thoughts should be brought forward, to inspire you to be a better person.

Past failures should not restrict you from excelling in life.

And past success should not make you complacent.

Take care to avoid pride.

Life is full of negative, energy much of which seeks to pull you down.

If you do not learn to walk away, you will continue to waste time dealing with bitterness.

You may never realise your full potential, if you are constantly regretting missed opportunities.

You cannot afford to live in denial over a missed opportunity. If it was a bus, you only need to catch the next one, rather than cancel the trip.

You need to let go of missed opportunities, including people that played a role.

Life cannot be anchored on that which slipped through your fingers.

Forgiveness opens your heart to new opportunities.

Forgetting creates a blank slate upon which new realities can be created.

You are safer operating on a first in first out basis.

If you keep clear of garbage and excess baggage, your ride will always be clear and you will be open to new opportunities.

A positive state of mind will always guarantee that you are receptive to new ideas.

It is not about the size of your loss or how close those that hurt you are, but it is about always looking forward.

So-near-yet-so-far experiences should be used as insights.

When you forgive and forget, others will also forgive you when you slip up.

Sometimes we forget our part in contributing to a bad situation.

The best way to emerge as the biggest winner, is to set yourself free by forgiving and forgetting.

Holding on will frustrate you and build resentment in you, which can derail your life.

Do not be your own enemy. You have the power to charter a new course in life.

Nobody is worth stalling your life for, so do not make the mistake of carrying yesterday’s burdens.

Understand how human nature works and you will never hold on to past pains.

Be bold enough to accept that you will win some and lose some. In both cases, be the bigger person.

Life is sweeter when you forgive and forget.


*Brian Ngosi is a life coach and motivational writer with a desire to inspire individuals to make a difference for the greater good of society. Brian can be interacted with on: [email protected], Facebook: #BN_inspired or WhatsApp: +263772440383

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