For the love of fashion

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For the love of fashion

The Sunday Mail

Kimberly Kazungu

TEENAGERS are extremely conscious about how they look and are often obsessed over details.

For the youngsters, fashion is a social statement, an extremely important component of their life.

They consider their dressing a way of expression to the rest of the world. In fact, this group’s love for fashion and their desire to keep up with trends is not a secret.

Probably this explains why many fashion stores’ advertisements have a bias towards teens.

Fashion provides the youths with a sense of identity by matching them with groups or celebrities of their choice.

Conversely, others use fashion to signal their independence from social influence of any form.

And for some, clothes reflect their mood on a particular day. Their choice of clothing communicates to peers, friends, family and the society at large.

Jan Jam founder and owner Cynthia Bizure said the youths are a vibrant market.

“Young people are fresh and active on the fashion market. They love colours and want to look trendy all the time,” noted Bizure.

“On the contrary, most old people are not bothered much with keeping up with trends, although they remain fashion conscious. However, there are some who can compete with the youths.”

Trendy fashion usually attracts the attention of onlookers. This is probably the drawcard for most young people since fashion and image go hand-in-hand. Both aspects play a huge role in portraying personality.

People have diverse personalities and for this reason, clothes and accessories are in different styles, sizes, colours, and fabrics.

People generally develop their sense of self through the clothes they wear.

Adolescence is usually used to search for personal identity. What one wears as they grow up plays a huge role in determining their direction in life.

Research has shown that when teenagers put on a piece of clothing, they adopt some of the characteristics associated with the clothing.

For example, teenagers who prefer wearing ripped outfits tend to have tattoos, piercings and apply weird make up.

What one chooses to wear is usually a way of singling themselves out.

While some elderly people are inspired by the youths and dress like them, they are always a step behind as they lack the skill to keep up with the ever changing fashion global dynamics.

Unfortunately, most young people neglect their other commitments as they focus on fashion trends. Instead of studying, they prefer reading fashion magazines, watching reality shows and surfing the internet in search of latest fashion trends.

In trying to imitate celebrities, they make use of cosmetic products that have toxic ingredients that can lead to life  threatening conditions like cancer.

In addition, the ever changing expensive fashion trends usually leaves young fashion enthusiasts vulnerable to sexual predators.

Some engage in prostitution while others resort to stealing money or valuables from family, friends, relatives or even strangers in order to sustain the expensive lifestyle.

“It’s good for our kids to look nice but we need to monitor them closely. Some of their dressing leaves a lot to be desired. We need to protect them, otherwise they will end up losing focus, all in the name of fashion,” noted Mrs Mary Mutasa.

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