Focus improves productivity

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Focus improves productivity

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Dr Kudzanai Vere

We all know the old adage “jack of all trades and master of none”.

Although it has different interpretations, what has been observed over centuries is that those who try to do everything eventually end up with nothing.

The current gospel in the social and business space is on the importance of having multiple income streams.

However, you can have multiple income streams when your effort on the first stream is maximised, and the only way to do so is to focus on that income stream.

Once you get there, you can then start on another, nurse it through all the stages until you are convinced that it become sustainable, then move on.


There is a Russian proverb that says if you chase two rabbits, you will catch neither.

Intentionally focusing on one project/business at a time increases your chances of success.

Focusing doesn’t necessarily mean you are limiting yourself — you are just concentrating on that one thing that you will be doing.

Once you focus on your business, you tend to understand it better and become knowledgeable.

Innovation comes from an understanding of how things work.

This is an attribute that is developed through focusing.

No matter how intelligent you are, it is important to start one business at a time, see it grow, learn from your experiences and become better with time.

We are living in an environment where people quickly become impatient with whatever project or business they are doing once it shows signs of slowing.

Some people try to jump to the next business being done by others driven by the perception that it is relatively more rewarding.

But this is just a mirage.

In the words of Josh Billings, an American humorist, be like a postage stamp — stick to one thing until you get there.

Every business has its own cycles.

You just have to be patient enough and focus on that one thing.

Focus improves productivity

In most cases, what you focus on grows.

Focusing means giving something your full attention and effort.

Econet Wireless was known only for SIM cards for quite some time and did very well in that regard.

After it mastered the game, it subsequently added another project, EcoCash.

Focus makes you more efficient and effective in whatever you do.

Focus gives confidence

Confidence comes from knowledge, understanding and expertise.

Once you embrace the habit of doing one thing at a time, you will deepen and broaden your understanding and knowledge of that particular thing, and this improves and boosts your confidence levels.

In business, confidence is needed as it gives you the urge to move forward.

You can also present yourself better and ably represent your business in any discussion and negotiations.

If one is confident in whatever they do, they feel in charge and empowered.

Focus improves


Operating a business entails continuously making decisions on a daily basis. The quality of decisions is enhanced by knowledge of that particular business, which, as mentioned above, is enhanced by focusing.

All business decisions must be informed by facts, data or information.

The more information you gather in your business journey, the better your decisions become.

Focus makes a better problem-solver

As you focus on that one problem in your business, you will become an expert problem-solver. In business, money comes from successfully solving people’s problems.

So the better problem-solver you become, the better and bigger your business becomes.

If you continue to do the same business over a period of time, you would obviously have encountered numerous challenges and solved them along the way, becoming a repository of solutions to the organisation.

It’s good to have many projects that are running in your business, but it’s better to focus on one at a time as it maximises productivity, boosts confidence and makes you and your business better and more effective.


Dr Kudzanai Vere is the CEO of Kudfort Zimbabwe, an accounting firm that helps people formalise their businesses and comply with relevant statutory requirements. He is a published author and transformational speaker in the areas of entrepreneurship, business development, organisation development and financial literacy. He can be contacted on +263 719592232 or [email protected]


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