First day in secondary school

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First day in secondary school

The Sunday Mail

Tinashe Ryan Mudzamba

DAY one of the first term of 2023 in a completely different environment was interesting as we mingled with new learners at Munashe High Private School in Mutoko.

Young learners, clad in immaculate uniforms, smiled as they attended lessons for the first time at the school.

It was a hectic period, being taught new subjects by our esteemed teachers.

The pressure arising from doing many subjects brought misery to many, as they tried to cope with the situation.

Teachers’ voices reverberated all day, an indication that learning had started in earnest.

The new learners should pay heed to the saying “No pain, no gain”.

They need to brace up for the challenges associated with learning new concepts.

It is a do-or-die scenario.

To my dear brothers and sisters, you have to do away with your old habits and engage the learning gear, or else you will be left behind.

The way lessons are conducted at Munashe is different from what goes on at other schools.

The day starts from as early as 7am and ends at 4pm. It is a long and productive learning day, from Monday to Friday. We also have to attend lessons on Saturdays, from morning till midday.

There is no time to play. We just have to put our shoulders to the wheel.

We have to be as busy as bees.

My advice to those in Form One at Munashe and those willing to join our learning institution is that they must be willing to change.

A paradigm shift is needed.

There is need for learners to maintain order and be disciplined.

There is emphasis on the use of English as the medium of communication at all times within the school premises.

Education is the key that will open the doors for us in life.


Tinashe Ryan Mudzamba is a Form Three learner at Munashe Private High School in Mutoko


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