Fighting drugs through aerobics

19 Mar, 2023 - 00:03 0 Views
Fighting drugs through aerobics

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SPORT has often helped to silence guns in times of war and to unite communities in troubled periods.

And yesterday, aerobics was used in the country’s ongoing war against drug and substance abuse, when the Zimbabwe Aerobics Fitness Association (ZAFA) held a drug abuse awareness campaign in Harare.

Dubbed the “Youth Against Drug Community Festival”, the open-air event in Highfield drew participants from high-density suburbs such as Glen Norah, Warren Park, Southlea Park and Ushewokunze.

Event coordinator Moses Nyamhotsi, of Black Moses Fitness Academy, described the event as a success.

“Today (yesterday) is a big day in Highfield and surrounding areas.

“We have gathered fitness trainers and trainees from different suburbs to speak with one voice in the fight against drugs among the youth, as we rally behind His Excellency’s stance on drugs,” Nyamhotsi said.

“President Mnangagwa has spoken widely and robustly about drug abuse and we have seen it fit to use fitness and aerobics as a way of spreading messages on the dangers of drugs.”

He said fitness and exercises play a crucial role in fighting the scourge.

“As people in the fitness industry, we have come together so that we can fight drugs as a community, hence we have brought together all age groups to this festival

“When one is engaged in fitness and exercises, chances of him or her engaging in drugs are slim, as, after training, one gets exhausted that they wouldn’t think about doing drugs,” he said.

“A fit body results in a fit mind.”

Apart from fitness helping in the fight against drug abuse, he said, exercising also plays a role in fighting chronic diseases.

“Fitness on its own is very independent and useful in the fight against some chronic diseases, hence even physicians encourage people to exercise regularly.”


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