Few teeth but plenty of bite

20 May, 2018 - 00:05 0 Views
Few teeth but plenty of bite

The Sunday Mail

He may be missing some teeth, but Godfrey “Marubber” Mukambi could be the man to add some bite to what has thus far been a rather tepid season for elite soccer side, Dynamos.

It is unfortunate that Mukambi does not play further up field but in defence, running himself to a standstill even when chasing lost causes.

He is a victim of a football world that has love for the artistes and not the artisans.

The world is quick to praise the people who score the goals, while those who graft hard to avoid conceding — like the DeMbare man have to put in a double shift for half the recognition.

Defending is not the glamorous job, but someone has to do it.

Thankfully for the 27-year-old Mukambi, his efforts have not gone unnoticed this term with DeMbare fans regularly showering him with money after matches — win or lose.

Mukambi is far from refined: some of his tackles are rushed, mistimed even, and he is yet to master the art of playing the ball out from the back. He seems to love hoofing it.

But the centre-half plays with his heart on the sleeve, just the way Dynamos fans would have it. Mukambi’s fight-till-death approach is something that has been missing in the Dynamos Class of 2018.

The players look burdened by the weight of the emblem on their jerseys, appearing terrified of the lion on the club badge.

Interim coach Biggie Zuze will hope Mukambi imparts his spirit to the rest of the DeMbare squad as he seeks to mend a season that has started on a disastrous note.

But Mukambi does not view himself as a hero. He says he is just doing what he is paid to do.

“Football is a team sport, I cannot do everything alone. We win and lose as a team,” he says with humility.

“Yes, as an individual I want to play well and have been working hard to improve every aspect of my game. This year I am enjoying my game more that in 2017 because I was here during preseason. Last year I joined the team during midseason and settling in was a bit difficult.

“However, having said all that, the team is the most important thing. As players we are determined to defend the name Dynamos and urge our fans to continue rallying behind us. We give it our all on the field and they should give it their all in the stands as well, their support really spurs us on.”


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