FASHION: 2015’s major fashion events

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FASHION: 2015’s major fashion events ZIMBABWE FASHION IS HOT...This year has put Zimbabwean fashion artists on the global style map.

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AS the year comes to an end, many individuals come up with New Year resolutions.
Unfortunately, some often forget to take note of the great achievements and failures of the year, which are crucial in shaping the future.
To that end, Style Corner has decided to do a round up highlighting 2015’s major fashion events.
Certainly the year 2015 has been gore rezvidzidzo. Thus as we sign off, we hope the coming year will be much better given the lessons we learnt this year.

ZIMBABWE FASHION IS HOT...This year has put Zimbabwean fashion artists on the global style map.

ZIMBABWE FASHION IS HOT…This year has put Zimbabwean fashion artists on the global style map.

Tuku fashion
Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi decided to add a new trend to his ever growing portfolio. Apart from being a world renowned musician and an actor, he is now a fashion icon. In February this year, the superstar launched a shoe line — “Hai-Kobo”, in a local department store.
The range includes men’s genuine leather shoes and sandals. The originators of the brand plan to expand the range of shoes in the coming year.
Furthermore, in September Tuku managed to headline the finale show at this year’s edition of the Zimbabwe Fashion Week.
On exhibition was a collection that included some of his designer stage outfits selected from his music career spanning from 1978 to 2014. The showcase officially cemented Tuku’s status as a fashion icon. The crowd was fascinated by his ability to fuse music and fashion.
Simoyi designing for Nicki Minaj
Zimbabwean fashion designer Farai Simoyi put the country on the limelight for positive reasons. She made waves after being named senior designer for the Trinidadian-born American rapper and songwriter Nicki Minaj. This was indeed a milestone achievement for the local fashion industry and the country as a whole.
But apart from this feat, Simoyi also has her own label — FARAI — and she has promised to increase effort towards the sustainable development of the African fashion industry.
ln 2016, she plans to have 90 percent of the merchandise manufactured in Africa. Currently, most of the manufacturing for “FARAI” is done in the United States.
Panashe´ Designs given the Kanye West handshake
Fashion enthusiasts were elated when Chipo Mudzengi Hwami, a Zimbabwean designer, was captured on camera receiving a handshake from American rapper and designer, Kanye West. The Zimbabwean designer who is based in the United States also made headlines by winning the first and third position at the Gold Thimble fashion show in June for her designer collection “Panashe”.
Hwami’s has since launched an online store with her apparel featuring couture, swimwear, and African print and casual clothes for both men and women. For 2016, she says the sky is the limit.
Crochet clothing trend
Crochet clothing made waves in Zimbabwe during this year. At the Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA) 2015, a showcase called “Catching Dreams” featured the work of Vons Designs and Golden Hands crochet work. The collection was well received and a crochet dress picture had many enquiries when we published it in this paper.
Miss Zimbabwe model outfits also included crochet dresses in one of the stage showcases. The designers of the labels, DeMoyo, also manufacture some crochet couture wear. The most important aspect of the crochet clothing is that it gave grassroots women an opportunity to make a living. Indigenisation!
We just hope the success trend cascades into the new season.
The fashion industry should keep growing and help in creating employment and putting the country on the global front.
Have a happy New Year!

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