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Face to Face Academy “A” level student Tinashe Siziba achieved the unthinkable after scoring 27 points. In a year filled with drama, he was able to sit for 6 subjects and below is his write-up about how he achieved the feat.

Tinashe Siziba

Face to Face Academy

I am a rather quiet and shy student, and am humbled by my performance. The release of Zimsec results did not even send a cold shiver down my spine because I believed in my mentor, Mr Ndhlovu-a renowned Mathematics and Economics tutor of great repute. After receiving my result slip, I neither jumped nor whistled in ecstasy but kept all joy inside my bosom. I could not believe that I had done it.

I was enrolled at Face to Face Academy for “A” level after failing to secure funding to study further. Face to Face Academy adopted me as their child on a free education project.

My ordinary level results convinced the school that I could achieve my lifelong dream of becoming an actuarial specialist. They lived to their motto: “Making Success a Reality”.

The belief and trust placed upon my shoulders energised my work and study. Working hand in hand with my classmates like Tafadzwa Muswe. the journey was not easy, but, we did what had to be done, that is study, accumulate knowledge and use it to pass. As a result, our hard work gave the college a fourth position in Mbare-Hatfield district overall grading of “A” level results.

I accord a heartfelt thank you to the college, staff and fellow students for their efforts. To fellow students, I encourage them to make full use of the qualified staff members, the internet facility for learners and to take courage towards their learning.

In order to balance my subjects, I registered 3 for the June exams and achieved 13 points in the following subjects: Geography (A), Business Studies (B) and Accounts (B). In November I wrote the other three subjects: Pure Mathematics (A), Statistics (A) and Economics (B), thus giving me a total of 27 points”.

My efforts will be meaningless without acknowledging the total inspiration I received from my tutor. Mr Ndhlovu always gave us word of inspiration from the scriptures to prepare us psychologically and spiritually and to accept that the task before us was achievable. As a result I always dreamt of not disappointing him. He taught me all the subjects I wrote in November.

At the end of it all I acknowledge the Almighty God for the spirit of learning and understanding throughout my studies and the examination period. With his grace upon me, I fought a good fight.


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