Even PDV is Sables disturbed

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Even PDV is Sables disturbed PETER DE VILLIERS

The Sunday Mail

Peter De Villiers
HONESTLY I didn’t think we would be where we are at the moment when I first took up the job.

I thought, after looking at the boys and how much potential they possessed, we would be much better off and challenging for the Gold Cup and eyeing qualification.

But then again, everything in life happens for reason, but what the reason is, we don’t really know yet.

It might be to restructure our attitude, our commitment towards the game.

At this moment we have all had our hard lessons to learn, most importantly that if you are not unified in what you want to do then there will always be holes in the system.

Our hope is that, going forward, we will all bite the bullet and be on the same page and become servants of the game.

We need to care for each other and play as one team both on and off the field.

In as far as what went wrong; I think there were a lot of noises in the system.

Noises which were disruptive to all of us; not the union alone but the players, the coaching staff and everybody involved.

I do not tell my neighbours about the problems in my house but there were a lot of noises in it.

And if we do not address it right now, the whole thing will fall apart.

So for me to come out, right now, and talk about these things would be disruptive.

When it’s fixed, it will easier for me to talk about it.

What I can tell you is that at this juncture; I am taking the blame for what I did wrong, the players are taking the blame for what they did wrong and the Union is taking the blame for what it did wrong.

All of us have promised, ourselves and not each other, to fix our little domains or areas of expertise.

Going forward, we are going to concentrate on salvaging the campaign.

We have a second chance to redeem ourselves, and so it’s up to us to go all out and just add another 10 percent to the efforts that we gave up to now.

Because if we as a group, each and every one, gives 10 percent more in attitude, effort and be more courageous we will be alright.

Our focus is on our next game against Namibia, and I say well done to them, they took their chances and played as a unit and could be on their way to qualifying.

Namibia is a good all round side, run well onto the ball, they occupy the spaces well and defend well.

I believe we should have been right there with them, but we didn’t take our chances and now we are paying for that.

But those already talking about relegation are like four steps ahead of me. I do not even entertain the idea of being relegated.

For as long as there is hope, we are going full out to make it work for us and fight to the very end.

We got ourselves into this mess, and we will get out of this mess by ourselves.

The boys will assemble for camp like normal, and we will have a great build up to the Test against Namibia early next month.

The only thing we will do differently is add the next step of professionalism to our preparations.

The players will come in, sit with us and decide how they want to play against the opponent.

This will allow everyone to take responsibility for the plan we formulate and the result we get.

Sables coach Peter De Villiers was speaking to The Sunday Mail’s Deputy Sports Editor Tinashe Kusema in Harare last week

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