Even girls can build

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Even girls can build

The Sunday Mail

Polite Pangai, Form 1
Daramombe High school
My name is Polite Pangai. I am a girl aged 15 years. I am in Form One at Daramombe High school.

I do Building Design and Technology as one of a practical subjects. The subject was new to me. I thought that it was going to be a very difficult subject for me.

My subject teacher encouraged me to do that subject. He advised me that the subject content was not new to our daily experiences.

My friends Anotipaishe Mangezi, Lucy Moyo and I constructed a two by two bricks pier in stretcher bond .

The pier is a suitable structure for learners who need much practice in levelling and plumping skills. It has eight courses. Each course has eight plumping pants.

The structure can serve different purposes. It can be used as a veranda both at home and school houses.

It can also be used as a chimney stack. Besides that, it can be built between durawall panels as well as gate pillars or sign posts.

There is a shortage of tools and building shed for the form one learners. I appeal to the public to promote Building Design and Technology at Daramombe High School.


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