Epic Sunday concept takes over

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Epic Sunday concept  takes over

The Sunday Mail

Andrew Moyo —
PLATINUM Entertainment has in recent years been known for coming up with brilliant concepts that have seen many leisure spots in town explode into vibrant entities.

From their days at Beer Engine to their current base at The Volt, these guys have always been able to attract a huge following.

In 2015, a small Sunday hangout they organised at Motor Action Sports Club went on to become one of the biggest crowd pullers in the capital before they called it a day and left the gig in the hands of the venue owners.

A few weeks ago, they started what they are calling “The Volt Savage Sundays” at The Volt garden area, a bring-and-share concept that has been growing with every edition.

People are allowed to come with drinks of their choice, meat and other goodies, which they can either share with others or just keep to themselves if they choose.

Having started with as little as 10 people, it is hard to believe that in a space of a few weeks, hundreds of merrymakers have already warmed up to the idea.

It is no surprise that the spot is becoming popular considering that people do not have to pay anything to get in.

Last week, the venue was packed with fun lovers who were braaing, drinking, dancing and rubbing shoulders with some of the celebrities who graced the event. DJs who included Ashley Black and iRoq were rocking the decks ensuring that the crowd was kept busy on the dance floor.

To counter the cold weather, heaters were placed strategically around the venue to keep the patrons warm. The Sunday Mail Society visited the place. Platinum Entertainment boss Spencer Madziya said the idea was to create a central space where people can come and hangout to wind down the weekend.

“Basically after church, soccer or any other business people might be handling on a Sunday, we want people to come mix and mingle, which is why we came up with this bring-and-share idea,” said Madziya.

“You will realise that on Sunday afternoons, people go to places like Mereki, KuHuku, Zindoga and KwaFarai but we did not have such a spot in town so we want to fill that gap.”

He said this was not the first time they have come up with such an idea having successfully done it at Motor Action Sports Club.

“This is the same concept we started with at Motor Action Sports Club, with just a few friends coming through to hangout but as time went on more people started coming and we ended up hosting thousands of merrymakers every other Sunday.

“The rate at which this thing has been growing is amazing because just last month there would be 10 or 15 people coming through but as you can see today the venue is filled to capacity and I think we might even be forced to use the club space as well if the numbers continue growing.”

He added that there were several companies that had already shown interest in partnering with the weekly soiree. The Volt is already popular on Sundays as it plays host to the Judgement Yard Mad Sundays, a major attraction for reggae and dancehall fans.

Madziya said the two events were not clashing with one starting in the afternoon while the reggae vibe kicked off later on at night.

“The bring-and-share affair starts as early as 3pm right up to around 11pm then Judgement Yard takes over with their Mad Sunday party running into the wee hours of Monday morning.

“This is still a new baby but the response has been great and we are just encouraging those who have not come through to come and join us every other Sunday.”

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