Endless green love

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Endless green love Paul Magumise

The Sunday Mail

Brighton Zhawi
THE Caps United fan who was injured while celebrating Dominic Chungwa’s Harare Derby winner last month claims he was pushed and insists he will not stay away from Makepekepe’s matches. Paul Magumise, a carpenter, builder and aspiring musician, says he is “93 percent fine” after the September 17 freak accident at Rufaro. The 37-year-old father of three did not spend a single night in hospital and is thankful to the Caps United board and fans for standing by him.

“All I remember is Chungwa scoring and waking up at Gomo (Harare Hospital). To be honest, I was pushed during the wild celebrations, but I can’t say it was intentional. Let’s call it a mishap. Moreover, I was sitting amongst the Caps United family, so they would never hurt me.,” Magumise told The Sunday Mail last Thursday.

Magumise had a tough time explaining a blood-stained shirt to his wife when he got home.

“Tests, scans and X-rays were done on the same day and the doctors said I was fine, so I was discharged. Caps United paid for everything. I actually got a kombi to Hatfield where I stay and on arriving my wife was shocked to see my shirt with blood. I explained what happened and since she doesn’t like football she reminded me of how she always dissuades me from going to football matches. However, when other fans like ZiSuper visited me she got to appreciate the love I was receiving, love which can be equated to what other people get from church mates,” he said.

Magumise, father to Juliet (12), Tabeth (6) and 11-month-old Paul Junior, dreams of recording a gospel album with his wife Vimbai.

“I am a carpenter, builder and also a singer, although I do not really sing at the ground. My wife Vimbai is a gifted singer and my wish is to have an album recorded with her by the time I turn 40,” he said.

Will he go watch soccer again?

“Of course, the only reason I missed the Ngezi game is because I needed to fully recover and you can see I am like 93 percent fit now.

“I missed the Chicken Inn win because I was working in Marondera but Caps is my team until death. What happened was an accident, life goes on,” said Magumise.

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