EMA urges public to desist from littering this festive

20 Dec, 2019 - 11:12 0 Views
EMA urges public to desist from littering this festive

The Sunday Mail

Precious Masakara

The Environmental Management Agency (EMA) has urged members of the public to be careful with the environment this festive season.

Many people travel during this time of the year and tend to throw litter through vehicle windows and dump waste by roadsides.

According to Section 83 of the Environmental Management Act (CAP 20:27) littering and dumping of waste at undesignated areas is a punishable offence.

In an interview with The Sunday Mail EMA environmental education and publicity manager Mrs. Amkela Sidange said eco-friendly practices will add more life to the festive season.

“As the festive season is now upon us, the Environmental Management Agency would like to implore the general public to be mindful of the environment by incorporating eco-friendly practices that will add a green sparkle to the festivities through promoting a clean, safe and healthy environment for us all,” said Sidange.

“The travelling public is encouraged to place litter in the refuse bin provided in the vehicle and desist from throwing litter out of vehicles. Vehicle bins should always be emptied only at designated areas and not anywhere along the highway.”

This period is also characterised by parties and gatherings which generate a lot of waste.

Members of the public are also urged not to carry hazardous substances especially in this era of fuel shortages where drivers usually travel with extra cans of the precious liquid.

She added, “The country has recorded several fatal accidents recently where victims in the accident were burnt to ashes or beyond recognition, presumably due to hazardous substances transported in public conveyance vehicles.

According to Statutory Instrument 268 of 2018, no person shall manufacture, store, sell, use, import, export, transport, or distribute any hazardous substance in a manner which access thereto would present a  direct hazard to the public; or present a hazard to the environment.”


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