Eight wedding parties for Olinda, Titan

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Eight wedding parties  for Olinda, Titan

The Sunday Mail

Takudzwa Chihambakwe
RECENTLY, Zimbabweans who love to indulge themselves with the goings-on in the lives of socialites and celebrities were given something to gossip about when Olinda Chapel and Tytan tied the knot at a “strictly by invitation” wedding in Harare.

Olinda’s life is like reality television — it is full of drama and she loves the attention, she pursues it by all means. She loves to go big whenever she does something — making a statement that sinks into the cerebellum of her religious followers.

So it came as a shock when she decided to go small on her big day. The Sunday Mail Society tracked her down to find out if she had now decided to tone down as she focuses on building her new home.

Surprise, surprise — she still is the same old queen of drama.

“Well, the wedding we had was only part two of 10,” said Olinda from her UK home.

She told this writer that many disgruntled friends and family members who feel they were left out from the wedding are in for a treat.

“We are still to have a huge and amazing wedding to cater for our big family and friends,” she said.

Olinda also revealed that she is enjoying life with her husband and has moved on from her tear laden past.

“You cannot make room for the new if you are still harbouring the past. I had to go through all of that to finally find this amazing person who is now my forever after,” said Olinda.

The founder of the Olinda Chapel Foundation said together with Tytan, they are set to be the next “power couple” in terms of pulling off lucrative business ventures.

“We have already joined forces and work in sync with each other and our aspirations. As much as I would like to give you the heads up on upcoming projects, we have learnt it’s always best to hold our cards close to our chests,” said Olinda.

Chapel also highlighted that for now, they will be based in both the UK and Zimbabwe as they have projects running in the two countries. She also spoke about her High Tea events, which have not been taking place lately.

“The High Teas have not been suspended. We hosted them successfully in Zimbabwe and we will be delivering them in three countries next year,” she highlighted.

Tytan is on record stating that what he and Olinda have has never been fake from the onset, that there was never a financial scheme on his part. Having endured a lot of criticism and cyber bullying, but still managing to come out victorious, Olinda encouraged young ladies not to be afraid to speak out and act.

“Self-love is extremely important. Once you start loving yourself, there are certain things you just won’t allow to be done to you,” said Olinda.

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