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The Sunday Mail

Here we take a quick look at President Mnangagwa’s colourful language.

Since November last year, he has been walking the talk in terms of building the economy, political tolerance and international re-engagement.

“ WE had this transition peacefully and the former President Mugabe is very safe, we will look after him, we will care for him. He is the founding father of the nation, he is our revolutionary icon and we are determined to preserve his legacy… Those criminals who (had) surrounded him, the transition has been able to remove them from positions of influence.”

*** “On my day of inauguration, I mentioned economics and trade cooperation would be my priority in Zimbabwe, rather than politics, in order to catch up with the region.”

*** “Zimbabwe has lagged behind in many areas as a result of isolation for the past 16 to 18 years. Now we are saying to the world, Zimbabwe is now open for business.

*** “I was with the former President for over 54 years. I don’t regret that, I feel very proud. It was necessary. It is history. Each step where we worked together was a privilege, and in terms of history, that was necessary.”

*** “We now want Zimbabwe to catch up with the rest of the countries in the region and across the world. We have declared Zimbabwe open for business across the board. Let me assure you that Zimbabwe is not the same and will never be the same again. We have an obligation to look after our people. If you want to go out, it must not be because home is bad but it’s a matter of choice.”

*** “My administration focuses on the following issues, one — unity, unity, unity. Love, love, love. Work, work and work. All Zimbabweans we get united under our national flag and national anthem. We accept that we may have different views about how to run the country and that again, we accept it.”

*** “So, we don’t need violence at all whether with the family or the community or the country. If people differ, differ peacefully. It must be an intellectual difference in terms of approach. That should not be developed into violence. We must accept each other as sisters and brothers determined to develop our country.”

*** “We have to look at our educational institutions. During our time, when we went to school a long time ago, we were educated in order to look for jobs to be a clerk or nurse or a driver but we are saying, our tertiary institutions should have curriculums that talk to the industry so that what industry requires, the institutions must produce products who can work in the industry meeting the requirements of the industry. There should be this inter-marriage between the needs of industry and the institutions producing graduates from our institutions. The time is now over when universities would pride themselves on producing many graduates. They must produce graduates who can fit our economic times — the technology of today and not all of them should be products who look for employment. They must also be creators of employment.”

*** “2018 shall be the year of all Zimbabweans. 2018 shall be the year of progress. 2018 shall be the year of credible, free and fair elections.”

*** “When we go to the elections, you should not fight. When people support their parties, it’s their choice. We should work for the people and not be selfish. There should be justice and national reconciliation because we cannot progress when communities are in conflict. God bless Zimbabwe.”

*** “I also urged the people of Zimbabwe to remain peaceful and united as one people ahead of the harmonised elections set for later this year.

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