When blunt tools meet the lunatic fringe

14 Jun, 2015 - 00:06 0 Views

The Sunday Mail

“. . .the educational process also meant imbibing values which led to further African subjugation. One West African … wrote a PhD thesis in Latin justifying slavery. That was not surprising.”

The above is taken from page 233 of Walter Rodney’s seminal work, “How Europe Underdeveloped Africa”.

Rodney was here trying to show how education was used to make Africans the foremost proponents of their own oppression.

“How Europe Underdeveloped Africa” was written back in 1973, and 42-years later we still have many people on our continent who, in their various spheres with the education they have received, are writing their PhD theses in Latin justifying slavery.

That is why some Zimbabweans get excited when a hired blunt tool like Adeola Fayehun shows how unthinking she is and shamelessly pushes an anti-Zimbabwe and anti-Africa agenda masquerading as bold journalism.

The lunatic fringe at Daily News and NewsDay thought they had their wet dream when Fayehun took her circus to the recent inauguration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Now that it has turned into a nightmare, with the blunt tool called Fayehun apologising and being forced to cancel her show in disgrace, will the lunatic fringe recant? Will they rethink all those screaming headlines that have ended in a whimper as Fayehun retreats? Will they reassess their uninformed excitability and ask themselves what it is that makes them so out of tune with the rest of the continent?

After all, the blunt tool called Fayehun has had to tuck tail between legs because of the backlash from her fellow Nigerians, from her fellow Africans.

Her show has been pulled off the airwaves because her employers cannot risk such embarrassment from her again.

So, will our lunatic fringe do like the blunt tool in Nigeria and recant?

Of course they won’t!

They will continue, instead, to write their PhD theses in Latin to try and justify slavery.

They will continue to oppose the aspirations of the majority of the people of Zimbabwe and Africa and pine for their own disempowerment.

They will continue to refuse to see sense, to aspire to enlightenment, to put their energies to development of their own people.

In December 2014, the Nigerian military had a run-in with the blunt tools at Sahara Reporters, Fayehun’s employers.

Through their then director of public relations, Brigadier-General Oladjide Laleye, the army said what our Government also said when the blunt tool at Sahara Reporters did their master’s bidding at the recent inauguration.

The Nigerian army said Sahara Reporters were like the media arm of Boko Haram. Our Government called Fayehun’s cringe-worthy behaviour “Boko Haram journalism”.

Everyone sees it. Except for the lunatic fringe that has their shame nor discernment.

Brig-Gen Laleye said: “With time, terrorism in Nigeria and Sahara Reporters will be defeated by the collective will of the good people of Nigeria.”

Maybe now the good soldier will feel compelled to add Zimbabwe’s lunatic fringe to that category of military and media terrorism that needs to be defeated by the people’s collective will.

Africa’s problem has long been that of half-wits, dimwits and blunt tools who think, in their borrowed sophistication, that they can best serve Africa by foolishly deriding themselves and kow-towing to whatever political and economic agenda the West sets for them.

They do not think for themselves, something which if they did every once in a while would at least make them sharp tools instead of the blunt objects that they are.

These are the kind of dull tools in the mould of Kwasi Kwarteng, that Ghanaian-born British Conservative, who a couple of years back wrote a book saying colonialism had the “dual mandate” to “make money” and “the second part was to develop the colonies for the benefit of the indigenous peoples themselves”.

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