EDITORIAL COMMENT: Masvingo: It can’t be business as usual

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EDITORIAL COMMENT: Masvingo: It can’t be business as usual

The Sunday Mail

FROM Tuesday to Saturday this week, Zanu-PF will be in Masvingo for the 16th Annual National People’s Conference to map the country’s future. Zimbabweans will be following closely the deliberations in Masvingo. Zanu-PF should not and cannot afford to disappoint an expectant nation.

Over the past few months, there has been so much unnecessary and unwarranted noise coming out of Zanu-PF. Factionalism has taken centre stage with Lacoste and G40 tearing each other with reckless abandon. The factional attacks have been so ruthless such that one is tempted to think that Zanu-PF doesn’t care anymore.

War veterans, led by Cde Christopher Mutsvangwa, have openly attacked the Zanu-PF national commissar, Cde Savior Kasukuwere, Professor Jonathan Moyo and Cde Patrick Zhuwao.

The attacks have been relentless and clearly these war veterans have taken a position against the leaders of G40. Cde Mutsvangwa and his team have even gone to the extent of threatening not to attend the Zanu-PF conference because they allege that the leaders of G40 are being given too much room to run the show in the party.

While these war veterans have valid points and are to an extent justified in their actions, their threats to boycott the conference are ill-advised.

Zanu-PF needs war veterans and war veterans need Zanu-PF. Instead of making threats not to attend the conference, war veterans should mobilise each other, attend the conference and make sure that they contribute to the strengthening of the party.

Real war veterans, who fought the ruthless Ian Smith who was armed to the teeth, don’t give up easily. They fight to make their point and they make people understand their position. This is what political orientation was all about during the liberation struggle.

If Cde Kasukuwere, Prof Moyo and Cde Zhuwao don’t know “gwara remusangano,” President Mugabe always say “vasingazive ngava dzidziswe”.

We expect war veterans in Masvingo and we expect them to lead by example. Zanu-PF is in a precarious situation. This is not the time for war veterans to walk away. On the other hand, Cde Kasukuwere, Prof Moyo and Cde Zhuwao should humble themselves and work to strengthen the party.

The three should know that they need Zanu-PF more than Zanu-PF needs them. Without Zanu-PF, the three are nothing politically. So we expect the three to make progressive contributions in Masvingo. We expect them to swallow their pride, tame their egos and listen to advice from other members of the party.

While it is not deniable that the three have the energy and at times have brilliant ideas, they should not overrate themselves. Over the past few months, the three have been bringing negative energy to Zanu-PF. Masvingo should be the venue and the time to repent.

Early last month, after a Politburo meeting, the Zanu-PF Secretary for Administration, Cde Ignatius Chombo, told the media that President Mugabe had urged party members to solve their differences through appropriate organs of the party.

“The President urged members to solve their differences in the Central Committee or the Politburo which has always been the Zanu-PF way of dealing with issues,” said Cde Chombo.

Twitter cannot be the Central Committee. Facebook cannot be the Politburo. The private media cannot be the Politburo or the Central Committee. Hasn’t the President shown enough tolerance and patience? Why push him into a corner?

While at it, those said to be in the Lacoste faction should also exercise restraint. President Mugabe is still in power and Zanu-PF provinces have endorsed him as the party’s candidate in 2018. There is no need to start running around in the middle of the night plotting against other party members.

Masvingo should destroy Lacoste and G40. Masvingo should be about the rebirth of the real Zanu-PF which put people first. Masvingo should be about the economy, the economy and the economy. Masvingo should be about the people.

After Masvingo, Zanu-PF should never be the same again. The economy should never be the same again. Zimbabwe should never be the same again.

The people’s worries, the people’s concerns, the people’s complaints, the people’s anxieties and the people’s questions should be answered in Masvingo.

We expect robust and frank debate. Tough decisions have to be taken. Masvingo is a special place in Zimbabwe because it houses the iconic Great Zimbabwe Monuments – a national symbol. This special place can’t give us a dump squib of a conference. Something special has to come out of Masvingo this week.

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