EDITORIAL COMMENT: The lion of Africa is not a Cecil

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EDITORIAL COMMENT: The lion of Africa  is not a Cecil 15-11-2015 cartoon

The Sunday Mail

What is it about these Americans?
Without flinching a muscle, these self-appointed big brothers of the world can say one thing and mean the opposite such that it takes great astuteness not to be led astray.
That’s the Americans for you.
There is a fellow called Bruce Wharton. He has been Barack Obama’s point man in Zimbabwe. Now he is slinking out of the country; mission failed and tail tucked firmly between his legs.
Wharton’s predecessor, Ray Charles, tried his luck, even convincing a now irrevocably tainted former Vice-President to serve him tea at his residence as he attempted to derail Zimbabwe’s economic emancipation agenda on behalf of Washington.
Wharton did not learn, even in this year that ordinary Zimbabweans have Christened “gore redzidzo”, that this country will not cower before sanctions or any other dirty bomb in the American arsenal.
Now he leaves as all others have left. He has nothing to show.
Which is why he tells the world that “the relationship between Harare and the US is not yet back to normal … despite the continued aid that Zimbabwe receives from the United States”.
Cde Wharton, we don’t want your aid. We want you to simply understand that Zimbabwe, small as it is, is an equal among nations.
Can you please take that message back with you to Washington?
If anything, Wharton is telling us what has been said for many years: that American aid is not aid at all, it is a bribe, a Judas kiss for small nations to sell their God.
Zimbabwe will not take any prisoners when it comes to implementing its national policies. May Wharton’s successor please take note!
May the good diplomat coming in from Washington also take note that what Zimbabwe needs is investment premised on win-win bases, as President Mugabe has said, and not Judas-kiss-aid.
We have not taken out a begging bowl. We will not take out a begging bowl.
It is, however, intriguing, that Wharton calls President Mugabe “the lion of Africa”. He concedes at this very late hour that our beloved President has contributed immensely to the independence of Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole.
Wharton should be receiving a warm round of applause for this grudging admission. But we know better than to applaud when the predator praises the grace of the gazelle.
This lion of Africa that Wharton speaks of is the same one that this same Wharton says will remain sanctioned along with the rest of the country that he so brilliantly led to Independence.
And the sanctions will remain so long as we pursue a course of total independence.
So how do Zimbabwe and its leonine leader remain on sanctions when they are so celebrated by Wharton?
Why is President Mugabe, the lion of Africa, so hated by Wharton and his ilk when this self same ambassador says “he has dedicated his life to create a free and Independent Zimbabwe”?
Cde Wharton, what is your point exactly? It cannot be both ways, it is either you acknowledge the President’s contribution to African well-being or you don’t.
Are you fighting him for fighting for Zimbabwe’s Independence?
Or do you think that President Mugabe is a different sort of lion. The sort that is hunted by American dentists and dies ignominiously only to be celebrated on foreign shores as a hero of an ilk we know nothing of?
You see, Cde Wharton, there is Cecil, the lion that was slaughtered by your fellow American citizen.
And then there is Robert Gabriel Mugabe, the true lion of Africa who will never bow to your military and industrial might, who will never be obsequious when faced with your “aid”, who will never compromise on his principles just so that Washington considers him a good little African boy.
No. This is a lion. A real lion. And he leads a pride of lions called the nation of Zimbabwe.
We will roar the total independence mantra until Uncle Sam accepts that only Cecils will meet their fate on this hallowed ground.


15-11-2015 cartoon

15-11-2015 cartoon

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