‘ED God-sent’

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‘ED God-sent’

The Sunday Mail

Veronica Gwaze
A Bulawayo preacher, Pastor Ian Ndlovu, who purportedly prophesied the recent MDC-Alliance violence, declared that President-elect Emmerson Mnangagwa is God-sent to repair Zimbabwe.

In a video clip which has gone viral on social media, Pastor Ndlovu, who is a full-time teacher at a Bulawayo school, claimed that God had shown him a vision in which President Mnangagwa had a special assignment to fix the economy.

He said the President’s tenure will not be as long as that of deposed strongman Mr Robert Mugabe, who is now cosying up with opposition political parties.

Pastor Ndlovu said, “God gave us a leader and this is a message of exhortation. Some people will say I am Zanu-PF but I am not a politician; it’s only for the purpose of guiding each other. Bathandekayo (beloved) I am a preacher and a teacher who has no political ambitions.

“Those are the only assignments I was given by God.

“The message that I have been given by God is that, He gave us a leader. He is saying let us be patient with him and his team because he has given him a heart to save Zimbabweans and future generations.

“When you try to oppose him, I see many being injured (during last week’s MDC-Alliance violent protests). Don’t stand in his way because he has an assignment for a definite period.

“If you interfere when his time is still ticking, which is not very long like where you are coming from, I am speaking in parables, you will be injured.

“It’s a short season in comparison to where you are coming from and the season is for repairing what has been damaged. The Holy Spirit is saying let us not disturb him during the repairing process.

“Those who will stand against him, even God will judge them. You will just get hurt and whatever community, I will not mention its name, will not assist you.

“ So when you hear demonstration, demonstration or picketing, picketing; if you are listening to this message, have wisdom to ask God whether you can participate in such things or not,” Pastor Ndlovu warned in a service recorded on December 7, 2017.

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