Econet launches new tracking platform

15 Oct, 2014 - 15:10 0 Views

The Sunday Mail

ECONET Wireless Zimbabwe today launched a new value-added service dubbed Econet Connected Car (ECC) – a vehicle management system – that is designed to provide multiple convenient functions for the consumer.

Through the service, which also ensures vehicle tracking, customers will be able to locate the nearest service station and the nearest police station, among other several functions.

In addition, ECC allows the car to perform regular self-diagnosis and report to its owner. It also offers services such as geo-fencing and driver habit monitoring.

The new product is coming into a market with a once off payment of US$100 to US$199 per car and a monthly service fee of US$20.

CEO of Econet Services International Mr Darlington Mandivenga said the product is game changer in the market.

“This is the first from a wide-range of products that will offer our customers what we call connected lifestyles by ensuring that everything is connected. We are offering an unparalleled, personal, intuitive, effortless personal and instant ability to remote control, monitor, manage, protect and maintain various assets,” said Mr Mandivenga.

Econet Wireless believes that ECC will also take fleet management services to another level through value added services such as the Connected Car Mobile Application that can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple Store.

ECC chief operations officer Mrs Dorothy Zimuto said the product will ensure that most of the 1,2 million vehicles in the country are connected.


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